Mitsotakis: ‘I’m Not for the Many or the Few, I’m for All Greeks’ (Video)

ATHENS – It’s the first time a bonus is granted a few days before elections, main opposition leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis said in an interview to Star TV on Friday, criticising the government for reintroducing a supplement to monthly pensions known as the 13th pension.

“The government saw it wasn’t doing well” in terms of the upcoming Europarliament and regional elections on May 26, the New Democracy leader said, noting that bonuses “should be scheduled and included in the state budget, not seen as an attempt to buy votes.”

Mitsotakis charged the government of Alexis Tsipras of “not saying anything about investments and new jobs.” Referring to the delays in the Hellinikon airport investment, he said, “We know how to bring investments to Greece.”

He also called on the government to stop the “politically divisive rhetoric” that brough to mind civil war enmity and asserted, “I’m not for the many or the few, I’m for all – I will be a prime minister of all Greeks.”

Defending his idea of privatisation in health services, the ND leader said the state is obliged to offer public health services, but they do not have to be funded by the state in their entirety.

Mitsotakis accused the government of “having a surplus of taxation, not of growth” and said ND would “return to the middle class what SYRIZA has removed excessively.” He also called out Tsipras for dedicating a large segment of his speeches to personal attacks against him and stressed that “when parliament shuts down and we head to national elections, we can have as many debates as he wishes.”