Greek Far-Left Killer Koufodinas In Intensive Care After Hunger Strike

FILE - Convicted terrorist Dimitris Koufodinas has been granted a second two-day furlough from Korydallos prison. (Photo EUROKINISSI/STELIOS MISINAS)

ATHENS, Greece — An extremist serving multiple life terms for 11 murders by Greece’s deadliest far-left group was placed in intensive care following a 15-day hunger strike that has triggered violent protests by political sympathizers, Greek authorities said Friday.

The health ministry said the condition of Dimitris Koufodinas, the main hit man of the now-defunct November 17 terrorist group, is not life-threatening, although his lawyer warned that his health is deteriorating fast.

Koufodinas was moved to intensive care for monitoring Friday in a hospital in the central town of Volos.

Koufodinas, 61, has vowed to continue his hunger strike “to the end” unless authorities allow him a new temporary prison leave. He had been granted six furloughs since late 2017, but last week judges ruled that he still poses a threat to society and should not be let out temporarily.

These brief leaves from prison, combined with Koufodinas’ transferal from a maximum-security Athens jail to a laxer unit near Volos, have been criticized as unduly lenient by relatives of November 17’s victims and U.S. authorities.

Professing a mixture of Marxism and nationalism, November 17 killed 23 people from 1975-2000, including Americans and other foreign diplomats.

Koufodinas has claimed “political responsibility” for the group’s acts. He was convicted in 2003 and is serving 11 life terms.

Koufodinas’ lawyer, Ioanna Kourtovik, said he could suffer kidney failure “at any moment.”

“His health has deteriorated rapidly, and he is in danger of suffering irreversible damage,” she told The Associated Press.

Kourtovik added that, according to doctors, Koufodinas has not fully recovered from a two-week hunger strike last summer, again held to press for a furlough which he eventually received.

Greece’s top prosecutor has asked to be briefed on the grounds for the rejection of Koufodinas’ furlough request, and on the state of his health.

Koufodinas’ cause has been strongly backed by Greek anarchist groups, who have mounted a series of attacks to show their support — including throwing firebombs at Athens police stations, vandalizing shops and banks, and throwing paint at the U.S. ambassador’s central Athens residence.

Anarchists have also held marches in several Greek cities, and plan a new motorcycle protest in central Athens Saturday.

By: Nicholas Paphitis, Associated Press


  1. This Anarcho-Marxist is a ruthless terrorist has murdered many innocent people. In a democracy just because someone disagrees with some government policy doesn’t give them license to murder their opponents much less foreign diplomats.

    When US found mass murderer BIn Ladin, they didn’t attempt to capture him. They outright killed him and dumped his body in the sea to prevent his grave from becoming a shrine for fanatics. If Koufodinas wishes to kill himself through hungary strike… let him die. His body should be cremated and dumped into the sea.

    We lose nothing by allowing Koufodinas to “martyr” himself because the ideology he subscribes to is only supported by similar Anacho-Marxist extremists. If he dies and some riot for the sake of a terrorist, use it as an opportunity to round them up. Give them long prison terms These thugs have been terrorizing Greece for decades. Enough is enough.

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