Military Helicopters from US Delivered to Greece

A U.S.Army CH-47 Chinook helicopter. (Photo: Wikipedia/Public domain)

Seventy OH-58D Kiowa Warrior reconnaissance helicopters and one CH – 47 Chinook helicopter have arrived in Greece from the US, in the context of implementing agreements signed by the two countries.

The helicopters were unloaded at the port of Volos on Thursday and afterwards flown by mixed US and Greek crews to the Hellenic Army Aviation air base at Stefanovikio, where according to information the training of their crews will begin immediately.

Hellenic Army General Staff (HAGS) chief Lieutenant General Georgios Kambas, accompanied by the Army Aviation Director, Major General Christos Iliopoulos, visited the area to attend the process.

According to an army announcement on Friday, the “air assets have been characterised as immediately usable and are expected to become fully operational soon.”

The ceremony to officially incorporate the helicopters in the airforce is expected in mid June.


  1. These are bought used, US Army surplus helicopters.
    With 36 operational, 24 trainers and 10 for spares.

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