Archbishop Elpidophoros Spoke to the Clergy of the Archdiocese

NEW YORK – His Eminence Archbishop Elpidophoros of America held a teleconference call with the Hierarchs and clergy – active and retired, of the Holy Archdiocese of America. The call was organized by Metropolitan Methodios of Boston in his capacity as Archiepiscopal Vicar, with the cooperation of the Archdiocesan Presbyters Council. Approximately 400 clergy participated in the call.

During the one-hour conference call, Archbishop Elpidophoros had the opportunity to address the clergy directly and took questions on various aspects of the ministry of the Church. Among his opening remarks, Archbishop Elpidophoros said:

“I was especially eager to address you, the beloved and most respected clergy of our Holy Archdiocese, for you are the very heart of this vital Eparchy of the Ecumenical Throne. I wanted to let you know, personally, that my heart and mind are deeply focused on your welfare, the welfare of your families, and your God-saved ministries on behalf of the People of God.

“Although my service to the Church of America is only now commencing, our service to Christ and His Holy Church has always been united – by prayer, by our celebrations of the Divine Liturgy, and by our commitment to the Priesthood of our Great High Priest Jesus Christ. I do feel that I am already with you – in your trials and in your triumphs. As a Deacon, I learned to serve, as you all have done. As a Priest, I enjoyed the foretaste of His Glory as you also enjoy, standing before the Holy Altar. And as a Hierarch, I embrace the service of the Good Shepherd, as I know all of you try to do in your every-day ministries.

“I look forward getting to know all of you, as the Militia of Christ that you already are, and as individuals as well. Your pains will be my pain. Your challenges are my challenges. Your needs will be my priority, as together we seek to strengthen the foundations upon which your ministry edifies the Body of Christ.

“I am very concerned about the issues of Clergy financial security, especially in regard to your health and the healthcare for you and your families. Your physical and spiritual health, and the health of your families, are the sine qua non of the health of our Archdiocese. You need to know that you are cared for, so that you can care for the Flock of Christ. I want you all to know that you and your families are my priority, and we will work together to insure that you have the very best health care that we can find.”

During the hour-long teleconference, a number of priests posed questions to the Archbishop, in a range of various pastoral issues. Examples were:

  •      “What advice can you give us to help our faithful remain close to the Eucharist and the Body of Christ?”
  •      “What do you see as the greatest strength of our Archdiocese today? Also, where do you feel we need improvement?”
  •      “As part of the greater financial issues facing the Archdiocese, could you please comment on how to make the restoration of the Clergy Pension plan a priority.”
  •      “What is your vision for the future of Orthodoxy in America?”

Although many of the topics could have consumed the entire hour, everyone expressed their joy and satisfaction that Archbishop Elpidophoros had initiated the teleconference, and that this experience of dialogue and solidarity was going to be the first of many.



  1. Vital eparchy to the ecumenical throne?
    If it is so vital why was it permitted to
    Deteriorate to its present condition?
    That would have been my question.

    And am I to believe that priests who
    Actually serve real flocks were asking
    The new archbishop of turkey with no
    Flock for advise?

  2. Well, publicly putting the clergy and their families’ health and well being first is a new one. Let’s hope he follows through. Only the hierarchs, the wealthy and those parish council members who have been on their respective councils for 20 or more years stand in his way.

  3. His Eminence Archbishop Elpidophoros reaching out to the priests was a very positive gesture. Let us hope and pray this is the first of many more to come. And yes, only time will tell for sure. But it is a very good first sign and we may very well be surprised after all.

    1. This was all scripted and advised by “crisis managers” that have been in the job since the St Nicholas mess first surfaced. The conference call was for public consumption and the TNH patriarchal apparatchik.

      Real leaders lead, real leaders eat last, sleep last, get paid last. When Alfiedoros flies coach, when he cleans up the homosexual nests, when he punishes and removes the wrongdoers, the incompetents, the no-shows and thieves, when he evangelizes non-Greeks and restores some positive mojo by demanding accountability and results, I might concede he was a decent choice, Maybe.

      The early read shows that his main view of the job is to be a cheerleader for the Patriarchate and its coffers and its aspirations of papal-like status.

      I’m not buying it and remain pessimistic and cynical. Who can blame me?

      What will his new bejeweled crown and vestments cost? $20-30 grand? He needs to wear what the Holy Apostles wore, rags.

      Let’s see what happens, but it feels like more of the same only better stage managed. Their advisers have been reading these comments.

  4. @LMC Preach it brother!!
    Matthew 20:26 It shall not be this way among you. Instead, whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant – Bible Hub

  5. Truly, the new Archbishop’s teleconference call with the GOA America clergy, and his first general missive to one and all (laity) is a 21st Century P.R. effort to ease him into place with the least amount of friction and upset, prior to his arrival to NYC/USA and preceding his Enthronement ceremony.

    More such “positive” P.R. is to be expected between now and his first 100 days, esp. with the Press & Media, complete with the customary photo-ops with one and all. Do expect high-profile meetings, banquets, special visitations, trips to each of the Metropolises, etc. ad infinatum.
    It’s all part of the machinery.

    Seems most of the questions of great magnitude and concern is the clergy’s healthcare plan, pension plan, and other matters of financial interest.
    What about those elderly Greek-Americans who have NO healthcare plan, pension, retirement funds, etc.

    The GOA clergy really needs a drastic “wake -up call” and hopefully the new archbishop won’t be bullied, and continue to placate them and spoil them to the point where the vocation has lesser meaning that it already does.

    If you want a 6 -figure career, then look for another “job”!
    You want to be a priest, then buckle up and do what you’re supposedly been “called” for to do.

    A good idea is to rotate priests every 4 years from parish to parish in serving various communities,both large and small, important ones and non-descript as well. This will be the best implementation of proving who is really…

  6. It was a very pointless. They even choose who was going to ask questions and probably what the questions would be. Hollywood would be proud. Some were not impressed. The proof will be in what he does when he takes the throne. Will he truly stand up for the church of America or will he give in to the wanna be pope of Constantinople?

    1. Anonymous, take one guess at your answer, you know what the drill is. Submission to Pasha Patriarch.

  7. This man does not know Americans. We vote with our wallets and our feet. If he is just a worse version of Demetrios he will face empty pews and empty collection plates!!! We refuse to be a colony of Istanbul!! Under the boot of Bart. We will not become an ATM machine for EP Bart and his cronies….ever! It is the people that give power to a leader. This man is not an Ambassador for Christ.. he is an Ambassador to shore up power for Bart. Already Bart is planning a July visit to the US hoping to have his boots licked….He might as well cancel at this point. We will never become one of his colonies.

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