Garry Kasparov: “Machines Will Never Replace Human Creativity”

Garry Kasparov. Photo: SNF

Garry Kasparov, a living legend of chess, held the audience of an international forum of Microsoft in Athens captive with his speech on “The Bright Future of Human + Machine”.

Referring to his legendary chess game with an IBM computer, Kasparov admitted that “when I was defeated by Deep Blue in 1997 I lost because I made more mistakes. Deep Blue however was not some brilliant machine; on the contrary, it just did not repeat the same tactic when it played chess.”

“There should not be a dilemma of man or machine,” said Kasparov, explaining that “when human intuition and experience collaborate with analytic power and the speed of machines, they can achieve many things.”

Concluding he underlined that “machines will neither replace human creativity nor emotional sensitivity, but they can help us explore new horizons which we can’t even imagined.”