Our New Archbishop Brings Us Hope

Newly-elected Archbishop of America, Elpidophoros. (AP Photo/Lefteris Pitarakis)

Our Church has a new Archbishop!

These words carry historical weight.

First, because they herald – usually – tenures of considerable length. For example, Iakovos served as Archbishop for 37 years and Demetrios for 20.
And, second, because the role that an Archbishop plays in the life of our Church and our community is important.

And it is important both when it is positive and when it is negative.

When an Archbishop plays a positive role, he acts …

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  1. Your enthusiasm is welcomed. However, the GOA needs an able administrator and a true pastor of the flock. The archbishop-elect has held several responsible positions but he has never so much as led a parish, let alone a diocese, metropolis or archdiocese. And sadly mistaken are those who believe what he has done with Halki, as well as his experience as an academic in Greece, will benefit him as chairman of the board of trustees of Hellenic College and Holy Hoy Cross. And, nowhere have we seen referenced his command of English.

    1. rather than just dispensing negative vibes about this distinguished and most learned religious man, just go on You Tube and enter “Metropolitan Elpidoforos” and the results will astound you – the video clips depicting his high command of the English language are endless….I am growing most weary of all the naysayers on this and on other forums that are always grasping at and advocating the negative aspects of all the issues they seek to address….do some research…this man is well accomplished…..we can only hope and pray to our Great God that his blessed hand will guide our new Archbishop in a manner so as to navigate all that negativity he will be confronted with and replete of the doings of the evil one…..He enters his new office during a most tumultuous time for our church in this country of ours…..a church torn between that which is traditional / Orthodox / true (i.e. conforming to what is generally or traditionally accepted as right or true; established and approved) and those seeking to modernize and weaken our church, it’s tenets and its doctrines, all for political influence and for financial gain….Faith…..have faith in our Great God brothers and sisters…..after all, God is Great !….isn’t he ?

  2. Indeed, Elpidoforus will bear Hope just like Obama’s Audacity of Hope! All of the Republican ideas are based on incentive because they believe in original sin, but Orthodox, like China’s Confucian Social Credit Counters, believe man is perfectable and incentives are corrupt. Take a look at the web site for Hillary’s christchurchnyc.org and you will find it looks a lot more Orthodox than Trump’s marblechurch.org. The pope made Charlemagne emperor because St Irene was a woman, but George Demacopoulos tells us St Irene is the mother of the modern welfare state. So all you misogynists who could not countenance Hillary or Dora are the uniate carolingians! This is why Orthodox need to proclaim Hillary Clinton a living saint because of her wondrous miracles and examplary life

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