On the Centennial of the Pontic Genocide – A Story the World Must Learn

FILE - The flags of Greece, Pontus, and the USA were raised in Bowling Green to commemorate the Pontic Genocide. (Photo by TNH/Kostas Bej)

Undoubtedly, news of the long-expected change in leadership at the Archdiocese of America is the story of the month. The new archbishop will take over an eparchy in crisis, whose tangible and intangible resources are in danger of being lost and in dire need of preservation. And while this story – which was at least three years in the making – requires due attention, there is another story that requires even more publicity and commemoration. This year, on May 19, …

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  1. The ones who deny this genocide in Asia Minor are Left wingers and socialists who are delusional people who never practice what they preach. Turks invented genocide and the Germans copied. Watching videos and seeing pics of all the suffering just shows anyone with half a brain how evil people , when left alone with no resistance from anyone , will commit the most horrible crimes against the weakest people. Turkey hasn’t changes and is preparing to invade our islands very soon and I feel once again we will be on our own once again.

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