Koukoumavlos Restaurant in Santorini, 28 Years of History in the Culinary Art

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SANTORINI, Greece – Koukoumavlos Fine Dining Restaurant was established in 1989 in Santorini, by Chef Nikos Pouliasis. Through the years it was acclaimed as one of the best gourmet restaurants in Greece and is awarded with Torque d’Or every year. The dinning hall impresses with its elegant Art Deco style. It exudes a baroque essence, decorated with objects –such as furniture, buffets, candle holders,  carved mirrors-, collected by the Chef during his trips all over the world.

From our terrace you will enjoy amazing vistas of the Santorini volcano and the impressive caldera.

Yet another feature of Koukoumavlos is the distinct presence of music. “Music is a very important element of my culinary evolution. In my cooking, dishes are compositions, sometimes with bold harmonious clashes, revealing a strong relationship with music”, says Pouliasis. The music mix is always of his own choice, defined by his mood and the atmosphere being created by the guests: classic baroque music, symphonic, jazz, alternative, progressive rock, soul, pair up the exquisite dishes and excellent wines!

The Chef
A celebrated chef in Greece and abroad. He receives Torque d’Or, the most prestigious culinary award in our country, every year. Talented, unpredictable, intelligent, spontaneous, always in love with creative gastronomy and Santorini, Nikos Pouliasis will surprise you with his elegant and inventive recipes.

(Photo: https://www.koukoumavlos.com/)

For the past 30 years cooking has always been a constant part of Nikos Pouliasis’ life. His growth as a chef has been a fluid experience gained from trial and error. “In cooking there is no perfection. The moment that the cook creates a dish and says, that’s it, I got it, the same moment he also reaches his limits, in order to surpass them the next time. And you must surpass them.  If you believe that what you created is perfect, then there will be no evolution…”. 

People from all over the world share his passion for cooking. They enjoy his creative dishes and fine wines at his predominant restaurant, Koukoumavlos, in Fira-Santorini. They also enjoy his company, since Nikos is not only an excellent gastronomy chef, but also a very energetic, friendly and extroverted person. Creativity is an innate part of his personality and when you combine his drive with his creative brilliance, you have a combination that’s tough to beat…

Ingredients and memory

(Photo: https://www.koukoumavlos.com/)

As soon as you taste his dishes you realize one simple truth: There are no …rules in his cooking! The ingredients are combined in unpredictable ways. You will be served with small “pieces of art” where every bite is a real gastronomic adventure. Don’t analyze it, or try to rationalize: Just enjoy it! “Cooking is not supposed to be understood 100%. Otherwise it leads to dogmatism and conventions. If we do not stand in front of what is called tradition and criticize it, we cannot go any further…”, says the Chef.

His technique and skills may play the main role, but his asset is the ability to inspire true feelings, through unexpected combinations. “Cooking is a utopia. It is a temporary form of art. It only survives through the reconstructing memory. From the first bite you should be able to tell, by the spark of memory, the ingredients composing a dish. And that is what makes it interesting. Without the memory there is no pleasure in food”…

Enjoy our dining hall and terrace offering stunning views to the Santorini volcano and the caldera

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(Photo: https://www.koukoumavlos.com/)
(Photo: https://www.koukoumavlos.com/)
(Photo: https://www.koukoumavlos.com/)