The Bike Odyssey to Start in the Pindos Range on June 15

(Photo by Eurokinissi, file)

The top mountain bike race in Greece and one of the most difficult worldwide, the Bike Odyssey, will be held for seventh time this year, in the mountain range of Pindos. The Bike Odyssey, which is the ultimate challenge for any biker, will start on June 15 and end on June 23. The organisers announced that that the race was included for the first time in the calender of the Union Cycliste Internationale or UCI, the world cycling federation.

According to the founder and organiser of the Bike Odyssey Christos Makriyiannis this means that more and better athletes will come from all over the world. “The participants will enjoy nine days of mountain biking along the most beautiful routes of Pindos. The race will kick off from the village of Smixi and will end at Kato Tithorea in the region of Fokida with midway stops at the villages Kalliroi, Pyli, Kalyvia, Krikello and Athanassios Diakos. The total length of the race is 637.56 km with an altitude difference 20,531 metres,” he said.

The cross-country race includes paths and dirt roads in forests but also short paved sections. It passes through 57 marvellous villages in the mountains of Greece and passes through some of the most beautiful landscapes in the country.

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  1. I am from the Pindos Mts. I found out recently they used to be called the Metsovian Mts. And that they are part of the Alps. Some snooty Europeans call our part Alpide vs Alpine. But the Pindos/Metsovia mountains are plainly contiguous with the Alps which folded upwards when the Atlantic ocean opened. And the Dorians are definitely an Alpine people. Kinross said they Turks avoided going up there because it was too cold.

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