Biodiversity and the Earth as a Symbiotic Being

FILE - In this March 20, 2018, file photo, giraffes and zebras congregate under the shade of a tree in the afternoon in Mikumi National Park, Tanzania. (AP Photo/Ben Curtis, File)

In a world that often seems to be getting smaller due to technology, it’s troublesome how detached people are becoming from the world around them. This week the United Nations presented its findings that human beings are the dominant cause of what appears to be a 6th mass extinction on our planet. The report specified that over one million species of plants and animals are in danger of becoming extinct due to the unchecked recklessness of humankind.

We tend to think of our world and indeed our individual problems without thinking that everything connects to everything else. Much like the internet that created an intricate web for human beings to be closer to one another than ever before, most don’t consider that apart from hiking up your monthly energy bill for example, leaving your lights on in your home, or blatantly wasting water during a long shower has far-reaching consequences extrapolated over time and across a large quantity of people.

It is quite clear that we have reached the Rubicon as a species. Humankind is at the point where large-scale decisions have to be made and governments the world over need to find the courage to do the right thing by their citizens, their planet, and the future generations of human beings to come so that we may ensure Earth, the only home we have ever known, remains inhabitable for millennia to come.

Not only is climate change not a Chinese-concocted hoax as President Donald Trump has often stated, it’s not some liberal myth. It is true that the planet has undergone hot and cold spells in the past but it is also true that we are heating the planet and unbalancing our natural world in ways that it has never before experienced at a pace that we have not seen in the history of the world by some accounts.

The natural world isn’t just lovely to look at and a perfect filler for Instagram posts. We derive much of our medicine, building material, and nearly all of our food from it. Humans must begin at last to understand that although our world is interconnected in ways that we yet may not fully understand, everyone, governments and individuals alike, must do their part to save our planet so that our home planet and its richness of biodiversity can be preserved far into the future.


  1. Environmentalism is pagansim devoid of Judeo-Christian tradition. God made the earth for humans to USE not WORSHIP.

  2. How can you use the words biodiversity and homogenia with the same mouth, you hypocites!

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