Syggrou Tower in Marousi to Become Greek Beekeeping and Honey Museum

(AP Photo/Petros Karadjias, file)

ATHENS – A proposal to convert the Syggrou Tower, within the Syggrou park in the Athens district of Marousi, into a Museum of Greek Beekeeping and Honey has been accepted by the ministry, Rural Development and Foods Minister Stavros Arachovitis revealed on Thursday at a seminar on beekeeping organised by the Institute of Agricultural Sciences.

The event was held ahead of World Bee Day on May 20 and was attended by the Slovenian Ambassador to Greece Anita Pipan, the head of the Federation of Beekeeping Associations of Greece Vassilis Douras, the chairman of Apivita Nikos Koutsianas, the archaeologist Giorgos Mavrofrydis, among others.

Arachovitis visited the building and inspected its collection of beekeeping paraphernalia and tools historically used by Greek beekeepers through the ages, as well as its collection of photographs.

“There is a very good museum collection here, to which many people contributed, but the heart and real soul was Athanasios Bikos,” Arachovitis told the Athens-Macedonian News Agency (ANA), saying it was time to create a museum to house the entire Greek beekeeping tradition, from antiquity to the present day.