New Archbishop of America Might Be Elected Saturday May 11

His All Holiness Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew. (AP Photo/Lefteris Pitarakis, File)

BOSTON – If all goes well Saturday May 11, 2019 is expected to be the day when a new Archbishop of America will be elected by the Holy Synod of the Ecumenical Patriarchate. The Holy Synod will be in session from Thursday, May 9 to Saturday, May 11, Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew presiding.

The Synod accepted the written resignation of Archbishop Demetrios, which he submitted in person to Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew on Saturday May 4.

The Synod …

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  1. His All Holiness has been afforded close to 18 months to decide who the next Primate of the Greek Orthodox Church of America will be. Let’s hope he chooses well…
    A person who is a loving, passionate, and humble servant of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Someone who understands diversity and inclusiveness. Someone who will live the Great commission of Christ.
    Christ is Risen!

    1. Bravo! Do you have anyone in mind who fits that description? Certainly none of the hierarchs in the US do.

  2. …….
    Father Alex has been a big player working behind the scenes for decades. If there is anything to do with money, Father Alex Karloutsos was involved. This is why it is shocking that the Archdiocese continues to remain on life-support during this on-going financial crisis. Father Alex Karloutsos parties with hot shot politicians and big donors, but yet has been unable to secure donations to permit Christ’s Church to continue to minister to the least of our brothers and sisters in Christ. Why?
    According to one Metropolitan’s theory the Ecumenical Patriarch allegedly instructed Father Alex to withhold big donor money to support the Archdiocese in order to force Archbishop Demetrios to resign. The problem resulted it taking longer for the Archbishop to resign than the Ecumenical Patriarch thought possible. This is why no one came to the aid of the Archbishop because Father Alex stopped them from doing so. If we see money start to pour into the GOA, we will all be able to recognize that this was a controlled demolition by the hands of the Ecumenical Patriarch. This would explain why the Ecumenical Patriarch did not care that the GOA has been declining for the past few years.
    According to one priest in New York, the Ecumenical Patriarch wants Father Alex to continue to control the Archdiocese regardless of who is elected Archbishop. Father Alex must recognize that his time manipulating our Church is ending your time is up “Father” Alex!

  3. A bit of management advice for the new leader of the GOA: “Don’t just do something, sit there.”

    I hope he takes the time necessary to survey the rubble, assay his ‘players’, plan out the rebuilding process. Where we are took time and many hands are ‘dirty’.

    I recall Archbishop Spyridon regretting that those he thought were friends early on turned out not to be, and those he didn’t consider friends, in the end turned out to be so. He ruefully said that when it was too late.
    (To all his critics, I’ll remind them that he was hailed as “Agios Ths Amerikhs” at first and then trashed for everything, despite his endeavoring to fix what was wrong and is still wrong)

    Keep your eyes open for the loud voices that will claim to know everything now, despite having said nothing while we sank. I personally pray for a THOROUGH ‘house-cleaning’, to include fumigation, and eventual down-sizing of a bloated, incompetent organization.

  4. His All Holiness created this mess when he sacked Archbishop Iakovos so that he would not have to deal with a strong Archbishop again in the future. Predictably we have gotten weak venal men as our Metropolitans. Our new Archbishop will not be better. Hope Black Bart is proud of himself for the disaster he has presided over her in the Colonies.

    1. The right person will be eager to seize the opportunity to do Good. Let's receive that person warmly says:

      Michael, it’s not proper to examine the deceased; Archbishop Iakovos was human, like you and me.
      Did you ever meet the man? Have you spoken to priests who served directly with him? I have.
      Aionia H Mnimi Tou. But if his Memory is to be used, the other side of him need also be remembered. Please review what he said about his Archdiocese after he was replaced; it had to do with drowning.

      IMHO, the church has lacked wise visionary leadership, at most levels; it is a sorry fraction of what it should be. A dysfunctional church loses people.

      Are we the Body of Christ, or not? We are educated and affluent, free to make choices. If we’ve lost our souls while chasing material wealth, did our Church fight that endemic trend, or did they instead use it to coast, shunning their purpose and taking the easy way whenever the ‘knot reached the comb’? (Yes, that’s a slam on Leadership 100, an easy way to obtain money, that I argue has disillusioned many and destroyed the Church’s legitimacy. And you-know-who is responsible for conceiving it.) Exactly like when a parent favors one child and loses the love of the other(s).

      Today is not soon enough for ALL of us to stand up, roll up our sleeves, and be worthy of the sacrifices and dreams of those before us, who lived through famines, World Wars, and genocides, and worked menial jobs for us to be this lucky!

      The church is not necessary for each to live as God commands. But it does serve to lead others to the Light.

  5. @repanidi1908
    The church needs a down to earth individual ( a regular guy) willing to roll up his sleeves and labor for the Greek Orthodox Church of America. Someone that is relatable. Some that does not expect his hand to be kissed.

    1. Michael, good luck finding a “regular guy” among the fawning, preening princesses who for the most part make up our Holy Eparchy Synod. They don’t call it “Byzantine intrigue” for nothing.

  6. Both Metropolitan Methodios and Nikitas are rumored to be among the potential successor. What administrative background do these two have? Both have interesting backgrounds and may not be well suited for the rigors of the GOA.

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