The Church in Crisis

The Greek Orthodox Ecumenical Patriarchate in Constantinople. (Photo by Eurokinissi/Christos Bonis)

The Orthodox Church has lived through and survived many near-existential crises in the 2,000 years since the Apostles established it. It would appear that the 21st Century brings a whole smorgasbord of existential threats to the table. One would think that the headline issues threaten us the most. To wit: Constantinople and Moscow are locked in a titanic struggle for political leadership of the worldwide Church. Antioch has picked a fight with Jerusalem over jurisdiction in the Arabian Peninsula and …

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  1. Hey Patrick, no better person to provide testimony to the religious crisis of the Orthodox Church..since, you know as to how religion is used as a tool of war to promote the division of countries and to incite religious civil wars!

    Therefore, inform the readers as the former U.S ambassador to Qatar, why Mike Pompeo is sending an Armada of Naval warships to Iran because of imminent threat to American interests,

    You see,.all these regime changes and wars are against non dominant Sunni Muslim Salafist religious government , and not compliant to Saudi Arabia Sunni Muslim doctrines and principles, and much worst control of their oil!

    The fascist in the C.I.A and state department have been supporting a religious war by Saudi Arabia against the Shia governments of Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Lebanon, Afganistan, and now Iran

    The whole war in the Middle East is perpetuated by the alliance of Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and the U.S who had mutual interest in destroying these countries ..

    Saudia Arabia , Qatar, UAE, and Turkey provided the religious Sunni Muslim religious fanatics funded and armed by the U.S and their Arab allies to overthrow the government of Shia or Non Sunni Muslim countries!

    The U.S and Israel piggybacked on these religious jihadist to eliminate countries who oppose their control!.

    Supporting religious terrorist and inciting war.are crimes against peace!

    Partick”s ally Saudi Arabia…where religious freedom does not exist!.

  2. Look at the Uniting CHurches of Australia for what the future will be like.
    Kids are tired of faith being played for politics.
    We are headed for a global reformation which will cretae a new kind
    of Chrsitianity made for the new era.

    1. Ah, yes. The ultimate aim of ecumenism. A world religion where the Orthodox will have an opportunity to join with all the heretics. Are you serious?

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