Paying Zero Income Tax

FILE - In this Feb. 14, 2019 file photo, people stand in the lobby for Amazon offices in New York. (AP Photo/Mark Lennihan, File)

Americans have now filed their 2018 income tax returns. This was the first year the Republican tax reforms celebrated by President Trump as the greatest in history went into effect. We now have some hard data regarding its consequences.

America’s largest corporations received the greatest benefits of the new tax structure. Most of them paid income taxes of less than 10%. More startling, thirty of the most profitable corporations paid zero income taxes!   Moreover, all thirty got credits (not refunds) to …

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  1. Hey Dan ..tell us something most Americans don’t know…like what do all these Corporate Oligarks and billionaire do with all the gifted money by Trump!

    Let see, part of their savings …represent the kickback money by the politicians in Washington to be laundered tthru the DNC and the Republican National committees to the approved corrupt politicians, who will continue to drink from the same well of money and corruption…and get elected to office!

    Senator Robert Menendez of the Greek Secret Society of Ahepa handsomely reimbursed by caimpaign donatore to the tune of up to 1 million FROM HIS BILLIONAIRE FINANCIAL BENEFACTORS.TO REPRESENT THIER INTERESTS!

    When Donald Trump sent these Oligarks and Corporate Billionaires these financial gifts, he was giving them the money from the taxpayers of America to fund his next candidacy! You know mobster and Drug Cartels laundering money thru legitimate business institutions!

    Hilariously, the brain dead public who allows these guys to rape the treasury of America to the tune of 850 billion dollars a year to break International law to commit crimes against humanity Globally..because we are completely impotent to stop them… and they know it!

    This is the New Age Neo liberal capitalist..where lying and distortions to the Public are considered legitimate to hold office!

    P lease …Dan .. how about writing about a new campaign finance laws ..that eliminate the corruption !

  2. Just out… much, or how little, Trump paid in taxes back in the 90s. Check it out. Most will not be surprised.

    1. Repanidi1908…why would we be surprised ? Bezos and Amazon no do most of the upper 1 % of the Aristocracy that rules America, and supports a 850 billion dollar for the military to fund 800 bases in 80 countries of the world …and growing to dominate the economic , political , and military sovereignty of the world, and dropping about one bomb every 12 minutes of the day to occ take over the independent countries of the Iran, Venezuela, Syria, Yemen etc etc.

      Donald Trump and his father..have not been indicted since the early 90’s for unreported revenues,or understated Tax reporting to the government to my knowledge.and therefore, what difference does it make what he payed in taxes…as a private citizen!

      On the other hand, Ahepan Mason.Senator Robert MenendeZ.has been indicted for unreported revenue he received from his best friend and Jewish Doctor spending his days in a Federal Prison for Medicare fraud in the stealing of millions of dollars in taxpayer money!

      Menendez called the hundreds of thousands of dollars from the good doctor gifts..which he was mandated to return!

      Donald Trump has already proven he is no different than your Idol …Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and the entire Bush continuing a foreign policy of destruction and crimes against peace!

      Come to grip with yourself., Donald supports everything you love..anti Russian and Pro Regime change policies…just like Hillary!


  3. Nothing new here:
    “We don’t pay taxes. Only the little people pay taxes,” -Leona Helmsley

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