Biden Starts off his 2020 Presidential Bid with a Lie

Former Vice President and Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden speaks during a rally, Wednesday, May 1, 2019, in Iowa City, Iowa. (AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall)

So, it’s finally official: Joe Biden has entered the 2020 presidential race. What a joy that is for so many Greeks who are thrilled by his philhellenism, some even hoping he’ll actually bring about significant change for Greek causes, like Turkey’s aggression, the economic and refugee crises, and the Cyprus problem. It is highly doubtful that any president can achieve substantive change regarding those challenges, but many will be heartened that Biden would, at least, try harder than most.

I have …

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  1. “It is highly doubtful that any president can achieve substantive change regarding those challenges, . . .”
    You hit the proverbial nail on the head! It is amazing how easily Greeks are fooled by career politicians.

  2. Scaros, what does this say about your publisher, .the mouthpiece for the Greek Secret Society of Ahepan Masons.who endorses the most corrupt “Pay to Play ” politicians in American History , like Biden, Menendez, McCain Family , Marco Rubio family, Clinton family, Bush Family and the crazed democrats like Pelosi , Nadler, and Shummer!

    AS Daniel Elsberg .stated in the release of the Pentagon Papers which highlighted the lies of the Mythical Democracy of the people of America and the manipulation of lies to wage war and kill over 2 million people in Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand …and expose the atrocities of the New Nazi Empire .cloaking themselves as the policemen of the world, but merely sending innocent American families to their deaths for the interest of the billionaire secret society of Aristocrats to lay claim to their ownership of the world!

    “It is a tribute to the American public, that their leaders and representatives perceived it necessary to
    ” lie” to them to wage war, but it is not a tribute to people …that they could so easily be fooled”

    So Scaros,.who is really accountable for the big lie..which allows these so called Philennes to fool us.!..

    Who are those, who collaborate to lie with Degenerate White Supremacist that infest our government responsible for crimes against humanity, and the lies to wage perpetual wars for the last 25 years, and now .in Washington?

    It is the publishers of TNH, Fox News, Cnn… who lie!…

  3. Scaros,,,why does your publisher support the lies of the degenerates he glorifies…in remaining silent !

    Why do the Fascist Authorities of England and America continue to prosecute and attempt to extradite Julian Assange for charges against him for releasing video’s and document which represent evidence of blatant war crimes murder of civilians in Iraq, and collusion of Hillary Clinton with Saudi Arabia in arming ISIS and Al queda jihadist in Syria, libya and overthrow those governments!

    Just think ..the Justice Department illegally and without any evidence … which in 2012 .. the Great Barack Obama stopped all investigation into Julian Assage .. since . logically, he is not a U.S . citizen, but Australian ..and there was no evidence to prosecute him .

    Today, the SS..has charged him with colluding with Russia , like they did with Trump , for providing indictable evidence of war crimes and treason against the corrupt and criminal U.S government.and like good fascist, .they do not prosecute the criminals, only those who obstruct their criminal behavior!

    Just think ..these are the same guys…that told the Judges of the International Criminal Court at the Hague..that the would be subject to economic warfare and penalties ..if they continue their consideration of charges of crimes against humanity and war crimes by the U.S., Nato and Israel in Afganistan and the Middle East!..

  4. To understand Obsama Zbig Biden and his love of China, google Marco Polo Sineurabia Code Kublai Khan

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