Sweet Habit: Coffee in Astoria by Two Greeks who Emigrated 10 Years Ago (Video)

ASTORIA – A new coffee house that focuses on small pastries and traditional coffee opened in Astoria the first week of March.

Sweet Habit is located at 45-11 Broadway. The new spot specializes in all kinds of coffee, but what stands out is the freddo espresso (essentially a double espresso shaken and poured over ice) – a favorite in Greece.

The coffee shop is owned by two friends, Christopher Petropoulos and Iraklis Ramadhis, who immigrated to Astoria about 10 years ago. The two met while working at the same real estate office in Manhattan, and then teamed up again at Astoria’s Caprice NYC bar. Both of them say that the coffee business came to them by luck.

It just so happened that they were both near Anastasio’s Hair Salon when the salon owner said he was looking to sell the space that was soon to become Sweet Habit. Last year, another store called New York Coffee Time opened in the same location, but it closed quickly. The two friends grabbed the opportunity, changed careers and started their new business.

“Everything has to do with how much you like what you do,” said Petropoulos, adding that he wanted to break out of the nightlife. His passion for coffee was what led him to open the shop.

“Greeks are curious about coffee,” said Petropoulos. “For them it is a sort of ritual. They may have a million things to do, but they will sit down, they will slowly drink their coffee, and they will discuss. Good coffee is highly appreciated and respected.”

The coffee shop can accommodate about 12 people inside and as spring and summer approach, the owners have planned to put some tables and chairs outside.

The store is open seven days a week from 6 AM until 7 PM. On Saturdays it is open from 7:30 AM until 7 PM and Sundays from 8 AΜ until 7 PM.

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