Archbishop Demetrios Travels to Ecumenical Patriarchate in Constantinople

FILE - Archbishop Demetrios with Archdiocesan Council Vice Chairman George Tsandikos. (Photo by TNH/Mihalis Kakias)

BOSTON – According to an official News Release issued by the Archdiocese on Wednesday, May 1, Archbishop Demetrios of America is scheduled to travel to the Ecumenical Patriarchate in Constantinople on May 2 in order to meet with Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew.

Specifically, the News Release says the following: “His Eminence Archbishop Demetrios of America, accompanied by Archdeacon Panteleimon Papadopoulos, will travel to the Phanar (Istanbul, Turkey) tomorrow May 2, 2019 where he will meet with Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew in order to inform His-All Holiness about current affairs of the Holy Archdiocese of America. His Eminence will return on Saturday, May 4.”

The National Herald has learned that Archbishop Demetrios requested the meeting with the Patriarch. Since the Patriarch will be returning to Constantinople from Krakovia on Friday night, he will grant an audience to Archbishop Demetrios on Saturday, May 4.

Sources knowledgeable about the ecclesiastical issues told TNH that there are two potential reasons for the Archbishopric trip to Constantinople: the first is for Archbishop Demetrios to submit his resignation as it was agreed with Patriarch Bartholomew in November of 2018 in Geneva, and the second is to request from Patriarch Bartholomew a new extension, which will be the fourth one, to stay on his Archbishopric Throne of America.

TNH was informed that Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew appears to be annoyed with the Archbishop’s motion to travel to the Phanar because the agreement was for Archbishop Demetrios to submit his resignation immediately after Pascha.
The next meeting of the Holy Synod of the Patriarchate is scheduled from May 9 to 11.


  1. Since the Archdiocese is broke (and worthless),
    may I suggest canceling his return flight and saving that money?

    It’s not like his return to the mess he presides over will result in anything productive…..

  2. When a previous Archbishop needed to go to Constantinople, President Truman provided the plane.

    1. Yes, but that was only when then Archbishop Athenagoras was to become the Patriarch.

  3. His Eminence Metropolitan of Bursa and Exarch of Bithynia Elpidophoros (Lambriniadis) is the next Archbishop of America, and subsequently the Ecumenical Patriarch, or something like that.

    1. Making that ass clown Archbishop would be an unmitigated disaster. The inventor of “first without equal.” Watch the GOA fall further into the shitter.

    2. Yeah, something like that. Maybe, he ought to stay in Bithynia and evangelize them, I heard the girls are pretty and the boys prettier.

  4. This archdiocese, along with its metropolises are in dire need of “humble” and “down to earth” “Christ Centered” hierarchs. Who can honestly be role models of what a “Christ” serving servant should really be like. Unfortunately, these hierarchs seem to project the feeling of superiority and pompousness. A feeling, or better yet, an attitude of better than thou!

    Are they truly acting as if they are representatives of “Christ?” Even though they are human, they must remember they are held to a higher standard. As they very well should be.

    Where is the love for their fellow brother and sister? They seem to be vengeful, dictatorial, tyranical, uncompromising, self centered and have a serious problem with the way they treat not only their own fellow clergy, but laity alike. That is, unless for example the laity happens to be well off and hold a position of influence.

    I am disgusted in the way these hierarchs act. It is truly appalling and someone needs to explain to them that they are human and certainly not above reproach. If they truly think they are irreplaceable they should come to realize so are many buried in cemeteries.

    In how I was raised to believe the qualities a hierarch should possess and act and what I have experienced are quite the opposite.

    We need true men and servants of God that first and foremost, know how to show true love and full humility towards one another and not egotistical bullies. Until then, I guess not much will change. Lord…

    1. @greatly saddened
      Jesus Christ does not need representation – He is always present filling all things. Jesus is the name above every name.
      The high standard our hierarchs and priests need to set is that of a lowly servant. If they can do that the church will be fine.

      Christ is Risen!

    1. The head thief should be put in the slammer with his cohorts (clergy and laity types). Where are the funds for the St. Nicholas shrine? Not a dime to any of the metropolises for dues. Let them go bankrupt. The church is in decline and decayed by its corrupt overlords/despots

  5. Like a House of Cards, the Greek Orthodox Church of America will soon fall and scatter.

    The Ecumenical Patriarchate is unable to really do anything about it, but mind its own very fragile existence.
    The Ecumenical Patriarchate is co-dependent to the GOAA, financially, politically, and otherwise, especially if the GOAA well serves the E. Patriarchate’s interests.

    One day Bartholomew will die, (no one lives forever) – then what !?
    That’s another worst case scenario than the present one at hand here at the GOAA.

    Whoever the new Archbishop will be; it will be a new name, a new face only.

    Hopefully he’ll have a mind of his own and he will be strong willed, and a man of action, who is not held back in expressing his own voice loud and clear.

    It is with the utmost attention he sees the existing greed and deceit as it presently exists at the GOAA, and makes swift and appropriate changes.

    A new archdiocese body of administration is top priority, as one regime ends, and a new one commences.
    OUT with the old, in with the NEW!
    Get rid of all the dead wood!

    We do not need elevated Metropolitans and inflated Metropolises.
    Bring them down a notch to a pastoral Bishop and a respective active See (Diocese).
    No more ridiculous non-existent Sees and respective titles!
    Their egos, wants and needs need to be clipped.
    Their lifestyle examples (and lack of genuine spirituality) are having a negative input and influence on the present day contemporary priesthood (…

  6. Notice the airport photos. No American candidates traveled with him.
    Shouldn’t the next archbishop be present when elected by the Fener?

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