Aquamarina Cruises and Dimitris Elite Travel Offers Dream Vacations

Santorini, Greece. (Photo by Eurokinissi/Vasilis Ververidis)

Aquamarina Cruises and Dimitris Elite Travel specializes in personalized vacations for travelers in search of the authentic Greece and its world-famous hospitality. Dimitris Psaltopoulos, owner of the company, answered The National Herald’s questions about their unique services.

TNH: What can visitors expect when they choose Aquamarina Cruises and Dimitris Elite Travel for their vacation?

Dimitris Psaltopoulos: We try as much as possible to have a personal relationship with our customers.  We will guide them where we would go with our friends, where the tourists will never see. We want them to feel the authentic Greece and the Greek Hospitality.

TNH: How far in advance should people begin planning for their vacation?

DP: Of course, as early as possible. We can then better plan their holidays together. However, our job is to satisfy the demands of our customers even at the very last minute.

TNH: Are discounts available for those who book well in advance?

(Photo: Courtesy of Aquamarina Cruises and Dimitris Elite Travel )

DP: We don’t have a discount policy. We always try to give the best prices.

TNH: What do Greek-American guests in particular look for the most when they plan their vacation with Aquamarina Cruises and Dimitris Elite Travel?

DP: They want to see the Greece of their dreams and we are doing our best to make dreams reality.

TNH: What types of activities and amenities do guests enjoy the most?

DP: Cruises, local gastronomy, wine tasting, walks in the narrow streets of our picturesque villages, romantic sunsets, and last but not least being transported back into Greek history and mythology by visiting our archeological sites. Who hasn’t heard of Atlantis and never ever dreamed about visiting.

TNH: What special packages are available?

DP: We prefer the tailor made services.

(Photo: Courtesy of Aquamarina Cruises and Dimitris Elite Travel )

TNH: Santorini is perhaps the most famous Greek island destination, how do Aquamarina Cruises and Dimitris Elite Travel make the experience unique for guests?

DP: 99% of tourists visit 3-4 specific places while ignoring the rest of the island. We prefer, apart from the classic places, to show the authentic Santorini, traditional, that of ordinary people, that of the stressless Greek way of living. We will share with them the real island’s cuisine in a picturesque small fishing tavern and eventually while the bouzouki plays, we will enjoy our ouzo and dance a syrtaki

TNH: Are there any special requirements or licenses required for renting a boat?

DP: We have larger boats with crew as well as smaller boats that our customers can if they want drive them on their own if they have a speed boat license. Finally, we have smaller boats that do not need a license, but surely previous experience is necessary.

TNH: Which are the most popular cruises guests choose?

DP: Without a doubt a cruise on the caldera (volcano).

(Photo: Courtesy of Aquamarina Cruises and Dimitris Elite Travel )
(Photo: Courtesy of Aquamarina Cruises and Dimitris Elite Travel )