Pappous and Presidents

(AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

In his opinion piece “Why Your Pappou Supported Trump and Probably Will Again” Dino Scaros again demonstrates (transparency note: he is a colleague and a personal friend) that he is one of the more thoughtful defenders of Donald Trump – but the article stands out starkly against the statements of many POTUS45 supporters whose words flow from emotions, and not the best of them.

Yes, around 60% of our grandfathers voted Trump, but it’s not …

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  1. Try defending Trump to that yiayia who came from Greece, dresses in black and sits up front in church diligently paying attention to the services. Those grandparents are very different than the Americanized grandparents who voted for Trump. That yiayia in the front pew who be scandalized when someone translated what he says and explains what he does. No ethical, God-fearing Orthodox would even consider supporting a man who says and does the things that this, quite probably, least qualified president we have ever had is prone to say and do.

    1. Wouldn’t that yiayia from Greece have voted for Kennedy, who was a notorious womanizer, at times sharing mistresses with murderous mobsters, and often flaunting them directly under his wife’s nose at White House events, where with two of them in tow, he’d retreat to the White House movie theater to “watch some private screenings”? Wouldn’t she have voted for Lyndon Johnson, also a womanizer but not quite up to JFK’s status in that department, but who used to curse like a particularly vulgar sailor? Wouldn’t she have voted for Bill Clinton, who also paled in comparison to JFK when it came to philandering, but held his own, and even topped him in horrible behavior by being accused of sexual assault and harassment, which is what led to his testimony in Congress and the whole Monica Lewinsky scandal? Wouldn’t she have voted for George Washington or Thomas Jefferson, who as part of their daily ritual, would whip their slaves, often bloodying and tearing their bare backs, in front of the slaves’ wives and children, which was part of a daily routine to break the slaves of their spirit to revolt or run away?

      Let’s not pretend that our presidents before Trump were a bunch of boy scouts and now we are faced with an unprecedented monster. What we’re faced with is the first president since John Tyler who has told all of the establishment to go take a hike. That’s why they can’t stand him, and they use “tone” as an excuse.

      I don’t like his tone either. But if my roof is leaking, I’ll look for the best roofer. Not the one with the best tone. It would be nice to have both, but I’ll take roofing skills over demeanor if that’s what it comes down to.

  2. It is really surprising that Greek Orthodox people support Trump. Our “Papous” were and are proud of our Ethnic heritage and civilization. No matter to what degree, they simply always try to apply some sense of morality/immorality in their criteria about the person they vote for our national leader. This time they were utterly deceived! The man we chose is AMORAL! Not moral or immoral, just amoral!

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