Irene Erika Jewelry in New York

(Photo: Courtesy of Irene Erika)

Τhe idea of “Irene Erika” started about three years ago when Irene decided to live her dream. With a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Advertising and Marketing Communications from the Fashion Institute of Technology-State University of New York she followed a career in New York in the Fashion Industry and worked in several Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Shows for high profile Fashion Public Relation firms.

But then something changed.

The idea.

“It was a bunch of life changing experiences that lead me to start ‘Irene Erika.’ There was something powerful inside of me that wanted to be discovered. I studied abroad for a year in Rome & London, which coming from a Greek family and three older brothers, is unheard of. That experience changed me as a person and how I think. My mom is my hero and role model, she taught me a lot about life. She got married at 16, she always supported my dreams and encouraged me to chase them and to never live with regret. She was the light to my every decision I made. At the airport before boarding the plane for London her tears weren’t only tears of joy. I’ll never forget her whispering in my ear: “I am living my dreams through you, you are doing things that I have always wanted to do.”

(Photo: Courtesy of Irene Erika)

The business.

So, Irene created her business just using social media. “My Instagram account (@IreneErika) reaching up to 20,000 followers. I also have a & Facebook page “Irene Erika Jewelry.”  It was the word of mouth of my fellow Greeks with combination of high quality products that built my business. Without them, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I run this entire business myself. I not only design and market them; I handle all aspects of my business. From making the accessories, production of metals, to wholesaling, and manufacturing.”

Irene is traveling a lot to Europe, especially Greece. She always visits local boutiques and the culture itself always inspires her. “The pieces I create are eye stoppers, attention grabbers and always make a statement to an outfit. That’s why Europe has always influenced my fashion sense and personal style. There are times I go out and come home with no jewelry. People stop me and when I get complimented on my pieces i take it off my neck and give it to them.”

(Photo: Courtesy of Irene Erika)

A strong connection with Greece.

Irene gave to her company the names of her two grandmothers Irene and Evridiki. “My heart is in Greece. I was blessed to have spent every summer of my life there with my grandparents. I grew up in a village North from Chios (Kourounia), up in the edge of the mountains. I absolutely love it there. It is magical, seeing shooting stars at night was one of my favorite parts of my vacation. I absolutely love Greece during the winter, especially Athens. Its full of art history and at any area you are in, the Acropolis is within view. It gives me goosebumps and it reminds me of my heritage. We are very lucky to be from a beautiful country full of beautiful islands, art, people and amazing cuisine.”

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(Photo: Courtesy of Irene Erika)