Even People Who Aren’t Greek Like Tsoureki

(Photo by Eurokinissi)

With Easter coming, Greeks, Greek-Americans, and non-Greeks in the Diaspora look forward to family and food, especially traditional offerings like the bread tsoureki, also known as Lambropsomo, which translates roughly into bread of light or Easter bread. It is decorated with a red egg that symbolizes Christ and springtime.

In a review for the Arkansas Democrat Gazette, Kelly Brant wrote that, “I did not grow up eating any specific Easter foods, beyond dyed eggs and whatever goodies my mother put in our Easter baskets. Our Easter feasts usually consisted of the same foods as any other family celebration – ham or turkey, my Granny Tommie’s green beans, fried potatoes, assorted salads and a table laden with desserts. But I’ve always enjoyed learning about –and eating – the traditional foods of other families and cultures.” She provided readers with history of Easter.

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  1. German Mrs Stork of Whitestone (know to Greeks as Frederika)
    sold it as Challah bread, just like the rest of the world

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