Why A Greek Island-Hop is Your Perfect Celebration Vacation

Kastelorizo. (Photo: Eurokinissi/Giorgos Kontarinis)

By My Greek Friend

Celebration vacations have become a rising travel trend in recent years, and island-hopping packages have proven to be one of the most popular getaways for couples looking to celebrate a milestone anniversary or birthday in an unforgettable way.

The Greek islands, with their whitewashed, bougainvillea-covered houses, delicious food, and hospitable local culture are arguably some of the best in the world to plan a vacation around.

An excellent way to experience them while commemorating a special event is to book an organized island-hopping package. Here’s why:


An island-hopping package eliminates the hassle of planning a multi-stop vacation. Instead of spending hours online researching hotels and arranging transportation, travelers simply choose the package that interests them. The company will arrange airport/port/hotel transfers, ferry tickets and hotel reservations; all you’ll need to do is arrive at your meeting place. This leaves you and your loved one more time to celebrate and enjoy your trip and minimizes stress over timetables and other travel details.

That being said, organized island-hopping trips offer vacationers flexibility and the chance to experience the local culture. As opposed to an island cruise that keeps passengers on a strict arrival/departure schedule, island-hopping packages allow visitors to wake up on the island, eat a traditional Greek breakfast and explore the location as they wish.

On Santorini, for example, you’ll decide if you want to spend your day at the Akrotiri archeological site, a local winery or both. For dinner, you can reserve a table at that cute restaurant in the village you read about. With island-hopping packages, you are at your leisure to plan your day, eat where you like and return to your hotel when you choose.


The Greek islands are famously unique, differing from one another. An itinerary such as Mykonos-Tinos-Syros is a great example. In cosmopolitan Mykonos, you’ll be enchanted by white windmills, picturesque Little Venice and, if you’re up for it, energized by the nightlife. Tinos, on the other hand, has a religious atmosphere with its awe-inspiring monasteries, churches and museum of marble art. Syros, however, is one of the few areas of Greece to have experienced the Renaissance, and its well-planed city squares and beautiful architecture, including an opera house, attest to its history.

For a couple’s celebration vacation, such variety ensures that every day you and your significant other will experience something memorable.


Finally, there’s a certain air of romance to the Greek islands. On an island-hopping vacation, you really will swim in turquoise seas so calm and clear that you’ll see small fish gliding beneath you. At sunset, you’ll trek through winding village streets to watch the sun descend into the sea. And after nightfall, the jovial atmosphere is contagious; you’ll see Greeks and other visitors strolling the streets, dining beneath the stars, and clinking glasses in garden-bars. You’ll feel as though you’re all friends, all on vacation together. In our modern, tech-driven world, it’s a rare experience and one that is wonderful to share with someone you love.

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