Kokkini Porta Rossa Hotel in Rhodes Focuses on Personal Hospitality

(Photo: kokkiniporta.com)

Kokkini Porta Rossa is a boutique hotel with only six suites located in the Medieval Town on the island of Rhodes. Although it is a small hotel, it is like a masterpiece painting.

The hotel looks like it could be taken out of a romantic comedy by Woody Allen set in Rome or Paris. It could also be the cover of a tourist guidebook that is intended to capture the buyer’s eye.

The colors, antiques, wood carvings, and very tasteful decoration are something special. Scrolling through the hotel’s website (http://www.kokkiniporta.com), it is easy to see the beauty and uniqueness of this hotel gem.

The motto of the owners, Nikos Voulgaridis and his wife Angela Chatzidimitriou, is: “We make hospitality personal.” Their love for the hotel is exuded through every inch of the premises.

(Photo: kokkiniporta.com)

Voulgaridis explained to The National Herald that each client of the hotel has their full itinerary planned before s/he reaches the door of Kokkini Porta. The client is updated continuously via email and by the time s/he/they are ready to embark on their trip to Rhodes, their itinerary mirrors the trip they always envisioned and dreamed of. At least 14 emails are exchanged between hotel and client to ensure that everything is perfect for the visitor’s stay. As a result, many guests come back again and again.

“For example, a Canadian couple is coming for the third time this year,” Voulgaridis tells TNH.

It is no coincidence that, according to TripAdvisor, the ratings of those who stayed at the hotel are always “excellent.” How else could someone describe beauty and the taste, the quality, and the hospitality in a medieval atmosphere that was truly enamoring?

The hotel came in first place in the hotel category on Rhodes, third in the World and second in Europe for 2019. It is also always in the top tier of TripAdvisor’s list of best small hotels. An extremely proud Voulgaridis is ready to welcome his special customers for the fifth year in a row.

Each of the six suites – as we already mentioned, there are no other types of rooms – are individually decorated with carefully selected items, a free minibar with top shelf drinks and WiFi.

As the management says, “We gave our rooms names of people who had previously lived in the house: Gulbin, Orhan, Irini, Deniz, Katina, Michalis. These names track the whole 700-year history of this city of Rhodes – Greeks, Turks, Jews – sometimes they fought, sometimes they lived in harmony, but they always lived side by side as brothers and sisters.”

The decoration is different in each of the rooms but they all have the same elegance, comfort, calm coloring and lighting, as well as a distinctive touch that makes every visitor want to return.

All of the suites have Coco-Mat hypoallergenic mattresses, a choice of six different pillows, TV, air conditioning, and tablets. They also include a refrigerator and an electric kettle. Each private bathroom comes with a hydromassage jacuzzi or a free-standing bathtub with hydromassage shower head, hairdryer, and bathrobes.

The accommodations offer welcome treats upon arrival and a commemorative gift on departure. Every evening guests can enjoy free tea, coffee, refreshments and/or wine in the lounge or garden. Guests also receive a free basket with new beach mats, beach towels, and water bottles.

(Photo: kokkiniporta.com)

A multi-course breakfast is prepared daily by the hotel’s chef with local, fresh produce which encompass a wide variety of Mediterranean flavors.

There is also a lovely garden, bar, communal lounge, and a concierge which handles ticket servicing and various touring information.

The hotel is 600 meters from the Street of the Knights, 700 meters from the Palace of the Grand Masters and 250 meters from the Kahal Shalom Synagogue. There is also plenty of free public parking in the surrounding area.

According to Voulgaridis, most of his guests are from the United States and Canada, followed by Australia. From Europe, the British came first and the French followed.

The hotel has a capacity of up to 16 people, which makes it easy to get to know the other guests and often many guests merge their parties, which makes their stay even more enjoyable.

(Photo: kokkiniporta.com)
(Photo: kokkiniporta.com)