In Athens, Menendez Says Turkey Won’t Get F-35’s, Missile Defense Too

FILE - U.S. Senator Robert Menendez arrives at the presidential palace for a meeting with Cyprus' president Nicos Anastasiades in capital Nicosia, Cyprus, Tuesday, April 16, 2019.(AP Photo/Petros Karadjias)

ATHENS – U.S. Sen. Robert Menendez, visiting Greece’s capital after stopping on Cyprus, said there’s no way that Turkey will be able to buy US-made F-35 fighter jets that could be used against Greece, if it goes ahead with plans to buy a Russian S-400 missile defense system.

The New Jersey Democrat and noted Hellenophile told Kathimerini Executive Editor Alexis Papachelas in an exclusive interview that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who’s been stepping up provocations in the Aegean, will get both the jets and missile defense.

“There is no chance that they will have the F-35s. There will be sanctions under law that exists today. This is a purchase of a major piece of military equipment from Russia and that is a sanctionable activity for anyone in the world – including Turkey. And there is no way that we will have… an F-35 put next to an S-400 that could also really surveillance the very essence of the technology that we have in the F-35. So it is impossible to happen,” he said.

He said even some of the strongest supporters of the F-35 deal and other US officials who believe that Turkey is still a major security partner in the region have made it “very clear” that this “simply cannot happen.”

With relations between the United States and Greece – ironically under the former anti-American and anti-NATO Premier and Radical Left SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras – said to be their best ever, the US is walking a diplomatic tightrope between the countries.

The US has a key base on Turkey and a Naval base on Souda Bay on Crete and wants to expand its military presence in Greece, with the government said to be keen on allowing it to keep relations tight with Washington.

Menendez said while he didn’t think the US would move the Turkish base to Greece that it couldn’t be ruled out as a way to protect national security and with relations worsening with Erdogan who has kept sending fighter jets and warships into the Aegean and East Mediterranean and trying to keep foreign energy companies from drilling off Cyprus.

Concerning the Eastern Mediterranean Security and Energy Partnership Act, a bill he introduced with Republican Florida Senator Marco Rubio, Menendez said it showed the US Congress recognizes the importance Greece, Cyprus as well as Israel, which wants to take part in energy deals.

Menendez praised the deal Tsipras made that gave away the name of the ancient Greek province of Macedonia to a newly-renamed North Macedonia, opening the door for that country to join NATO, with the US eager to limit Russian interests in the Balkans.

Greek President Prokopis Pavlopoulos met with Menendez, a session also attended by US Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt who has repeatedly praised Greece as being “a pillar of stability in the region,” despite stuck in economic and refugee crises and SYRIZA support for a jailed terrorist behind the killing of five Americans over the years attached to the Embassy.

The act introduced by Menendez and Rubio would require the US Secretary of State to submit to Congress a list of violations of Greece’s airspace and of Cyprus’s Exclusive Economic Zone and also seeks to lift the US arms embargo on Cyprus although NATO has done or said nothing about repeated Turkish violations.


  1. So, TNH and Menendez, the corrupt “pay to play” member of the U.S Congress, Greek Secret Society of Mason., and full time Israeli agent. comes to Athens to tell Greeks..that HE WILL ARM TURKEY… with the most advanced military fighters and anti ballistic missile systems of America, which will threaten not only Greece, Cyprus. and Syria, but Russia , Iran, Iraq, China and all the enemies of the U.S fascist regimes of England and Israel, if only Turkey stops buying Russian armament! .

    “There is no chance that they will have the F-35s. There will be sanctions under law that exists today. This is a purchase of a major piece of military equipment from Russia and that is a sanctionable activity for anyone in the world – including Turkey.

    Therefore, TNH and the media.portray the purveyor of the U.S foreign policy to overthrow the governments of the Ukraine, Venezuela , libya, Syria, Iran, Yemen, etc… and arming with Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama ..Sunni Muslim terrorist rebels of Syria overthrow the government of Syria …as an Hellene representing the interests of Greece!

    This mobster who demanded that Greece support economic warfare on Venezuela to remove their elected leader, and replace him with a leader chosen by the U.S government in violation of International laws… and which now U.N inspectors call .”.crimes against humanity” starving the people of Venezuela to remove their leader!

    Only fascist this !

  2. Like in the beginning of XX c., nowadays Russia and Turkey collaborate against the Greece. That’s why Russia doesn’t recognize the Genocide of Greeks from Ottoman’s Impire. Then Lenin/Stalin and Atatürk, today Putin and Erdogan.

  3. Hey Johnnie… I have a scoop for you,.there is no evidence of Russian Collusion or interference in the election of Donald Trump ..only evidence, that fascist in our government and the Greek Secret Society of Aristocratic Masons used Russiagate to advance their regime change wars of all independent government of the world, including Russia …not compliant to the economic , political , and military control by the fascist element of Neo Con Republicans and Neo liberal democrats, who fabricated and promoting a hoax to impeach a president who promised the American People that he would end the criminal foreign policy of Regime Change , and improve relations with Russia …which most Americans want!

    Trump has been locked into a hostile relationship with Russia. Neoconservatives have succeeded in worsening this hostile relationship by manipulating Trump into a blatant criminal attempt to overthrow in broad daylight the Venezuelan government.

    Like I said Johnnie , only fascist collaborators would try to defend the face of the Despora.and Endy Zemenides and his Greek Secret Societies… Robert Menendez, who.considers Greeks to be so inferior not understand that the only difference between Turkey and America is that they are being insubordinate in buying Russian armaments, .not U.S armaments…and not in defense of Greece!

    All Johnnie , has exposed, is distracting anti Russian Narrative hide the truth about who the real enemy of Greece is!

  4. Yes Turkey Will Get F35’s @ Patriot Missiles, If They Play Right? If Not They Get S400’s And An Advanced Russian Fighter… Greece As Usual Gets Nothing, It Can’t Afford Even The Paltry 30 F35’s The Greek Air Force Keeps Claiming…The Update For The F16 Will Take Years, By Then The Entire Fleet Will As Antiquated As The F4’s Are Now..It’s Been Too Much They Got This System We Need That System, Billions Wasted On Tanks, And Other Junk To Appease Germany, And The Rest Of The European Weapon Traders, Greece Must Rethink Defense In A Whole New Way, By Itself Out Of NATO, Against Everyone, And Buy And Prepare Accordingly….Out Of NATO It Can Buy The S400, Etc, Or What Ever It Needs And Not You Must Spend 2%-4% Of Your GDP On NATO Weapons From Other NATO Countries. Greece Needs Its Own Domestic Designed, Built, And Deployed Defense Industry From Ships To Planes To Vehicles, To Munitions, Uniforms Etc. Plus Start Drafting Women… Equal Rights Mean Equal Fights…

    If Turkey Gets The F35, Menendez, HALC, And Rest Of The Useless Greek American Organizations Will Be Held Accountable, Whomever Will Be Running Against Menendez Will Get 100% Support, Even If Its The Devil Himself… Time To Get Rid Of Politics Of I Will Help You If You Vote For Me, Vote For Me Again And Again, While I pretend To Help In Each Election, Enough Already.

  5. Pavlo … God bless you and Kali Anastasi!. and my families of the Peloponnese and Sparta…and home of my Great Grandparents and Grandparents!

    This holy week .. is a time for all Greek Orthodox faithful to attend the Original Church of Christ and reconnect with Christ..and to understand why he had to be tortured, brutalized beyond human comprehension, and crucified to tell us how we must live our lives!

    Most importantly, we will be reminded as to who our master is… and the only oath of allegiance we make .is to individually follow the principles and values that he taught us., and not those of deceivers in the corrupted governments of the world and media…who preach values that sell wars and destruction..not love of our neighbors!

    Only by reaffirming , that we only answer to one legitimate leader ..Christ and his values ..will we all be able to recognize and resist …the lies and deceit of corrupt war mongers and their collaborators who value the principles of fear and suffering to advance their crimes against Humanity!

    And to those who question or deny their is a God, then try to deny their is no Devil in the face of the evil we are witnessing thru out the world!

    When Greeks and Greek American think with their hearts and moral conscious based on the values of Christ…not those of TNH and the media… it will be very clear who the enemies of Greece really are… and the only alliance Greece should with God!

  6. What the good senator failed to mention
    In order to minimize the mutual tension
    Was the option of installing the ‘triumphs’
    On the Turkish occupied side of Cyprus.

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