Four Seasons Astir Palace Opens On Athens’ Coast

Source: Astir Palace Vouliagmeni S.A.

ATHENS – Showing further signs of a burgeoning recovery – mostly on the back of record runs of tourism years – the exclusive Four Seasons Astir Palace Hotel Athens opened to a full house for weekend bookings.

The hotel is the result of a 140 million euro ($157.45 million) renovation of the Astir Palace at Vouliagmeni on the so-called Athens Riviera on the capital’s coast, much of which is blocked off by private clubs charging people to use public beaches.

The total investments will reach 200 million euros ($224.93 million) along with the 444 million euros ($499.34 million) to buy the resort that had been one of the most famous before the economic crisis came along and closed dozens of major facilities.

A second state of development, said Kathimerini, will include the Astir Marina and Beach, for some 30 million euros ($33.74 million) although the approvals process for the marina is ongoing and still requires a Presidential Decree. The marina has 100 berths but it will be able to accommodate mega yachts when the works planned for next year are finished.

The total overhaul of the complex provided for 305 rooms, suites and bungalows, of which 170 are already in use with the rest set to open to guests until end-June. The renovation of Astir Beach is also expected to have been completed by the summer of 2020, featuring new infrastructure and upgraded services.

The investment plan provides for up to 13 luxurious private homes, and the paper said have already been sold, as more major luxury resorts are offering top-scale service to the ultra-wealthy.