Greek Pensioner Told He Owes 3 Billion Euros in Taxes


ATHENS – A 75-year-old Greek man suffering from multiple sclerosis who was mistakenly notified he owed 3 billion euros ($3.37 billion) in taxes still can’t get the authorities to clear his record, five months after the error.

The man, who was not named, lives on Crete and found himself  in the labyrinth of the notorious Greek bureaucracy with no resolution and apparently no one who can fix the mistake, his family said.

The error was reportedly discovered after his children applied for the certificate on his behalf at a tax office in the city of Iraklio and were refused due to the supposed outstanding debt with no word on whether the clerk wondered how anyone could owe 3 billion euros.

Family members told they recalled their father had an old debt of 8,000 euros ($8997.20) and that the tax office reportedly admitted to the mistake but the error still hasn’t been fixed.

The state is offering tax debtors 10 years, or 120 payments in installments to clear debts, which means the man would have had to pay 25 million euros ($28.12 million) a month to clear it.