Agrotourism in Greece, for Hands-on Traditional Activities Experience

(Photo by Antonis NIkolopouloS/Eurokinissi)

If you are looking for alternative ways to spend your vacation, Amorgos is a wonderful place to experience hands-on traditional activities such as farming, cooking, and herb collecting.

Participating in these activities is an amazing way to enjoy nature on the beautiful island, and to learn more about the traditional activities people have practiced in Amorgos for decades, if not centuries. It also allows you to gain a new perspective on food, sustainability, and to socialize with the locals.

On Amorgos, there are many places providing courses and seminars for traditional cooking, bread and wine making, and collecting wild herbs and greens. Some farms offer opportunities to join honey production, while others offer courses in cheese making.

One example of a workshop worth mentioning is the Organic Garden in Aegiali. From April to November, they offer a possibility for a guided tour led by the owner of the Garden. They teach visitors about different varieties of plants and herbs and offer a chance to get your hands dirty too.

A visit to the farm is a great way to learn more about local products and – as they state on their website – “have a better understanding of the richness of Amorgian cuisine.”

In addition to attending the workshop, visitors can also choose to join in on the hard work and spend a few hours helping the farmers in their everyday labor. Bookings can be done online and the price is 10€ per person.

Joining the grape harvest is a must for those who want to experience something unforgettable. The season starts at the end of August and lasts until the beginning of October, depending on how the winter and spring were before the harvest season began. When the grapes are harvested, they are spread out in the sun for a few days, after which individuals can join in on the stomping of the grapes! In this way, you can also be part of the traditional winemaking process. Some places even let you participate in the traditional wine making and sometimes even in the distillation process for raki.

Olive picking season lasts from the end of October until the end of November. Traditionally, entire families go out into their olive groves for weeks to pick their olives. In Amorgos, visitors have the option to join this tradition and experience the hands-on work. The olive groves also offer beautiful landscapes that can be enjoyed during breaks while sitting in the shade sipping on fredo coffee.

After the harvest, the olives are pressed until they become fine olive oil made with love.

For those who wish to stay a bit longer in Amorgos, Pagali Hotel is a great choice since the hotel helps visitors find alternative ways to enjoy their holiday. It’s located on the northeastern side of the island, in the mountain village of Langada.