U.S. Ambassador Pyatt’s Term in Greece Seen Extended to 2020

US Ambassador in Athens Geoffrey Pyatt. (Photo by Eurokinissi/Yiannis Panagopoulos)

ATHENS – Despite some criticism –  led by The National Herald – that he’s partial to the ruling Radical Left SYRIZA whose regime he keeps praising – in an election year – US Ambassador to Greece Geoffrey Pyatt’s term will reportedly be extended until 2020.

He was nominated in July 2016 by then-US President Barack Obama and while serving now under President Donald Trump, has been part of an American strategy to get closer to the Greek government and expanded a U.S. military presence.

That has seen relations between the countries called the best ever by both sides, ironically with Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras’ party having been anti-American and anti-NATO but now seeing him back American interests and supporting the defense alliance.

The National Herald Publisher, Antonis H. Diamataris, had written that Pyatt had become such a Tsipras supporter that it was perhaps time to be moved to another post before he caused more damage.

The United States was also the honored guest at the 2018 Thessaloniki International Fair and Pyatt’s mantra has been that Greece is “a pillar of stability in the region,” despite a still wobbly economy, an ongoing refugee and migrant crisis, and Tsipras’ government sympathetic to vacations from jail for a terrorist mastermind of the disbanded Nov. 17 terrorist group that killed 23 people.

That included five Americans attached to the U.S. Embassy over the years with the American government and Pyatt tweeting denunciation of the furloughs before returning to business as usual with the Leftist government.

That has drawn criticism that the U.S. is intervening in Greek domestic affairs and politics and rewarding Tsipras for his assistance as he is reeling in polls and far behind the major opposition New Democracy with elections required to be held by October.


  1. The real test of his position would come if Turkey makes a military move against Greece. We would then see just how much real support he has for Greece as “a pillar of stability in the region.”

    1. To the pillar of stability
      They will act with civility
      And show strict neutrality
      In the case of a calamity.

    2. Really John … we need another test to determine what Pyatt would do? Excuse me… who do you think Pyatt works for and answers to …it is called the United States of America now controlled by Anglo White Supremacist Aristocrats in our Congress , State Department , and C.I.A !

      How Hilarious.. do you think Pyatt..is responsible for ordering the surrender of the Macedonian culture of Greece, so the U.S could add another military base in Europe to continue their only interests.. war with Russia!

      Do you think , the dismissal of Russian Diplomats by Greece ..which could have jeopardized relationship with Russia was ordered by Pyatt..and not the state department?

      Do you think it was Pyatt and Victoria Nuland who coordinated the coup of the Ukrainian government with the EU, and then installed a Neo Nazi named Porchenko, and like they are attempting to do in Venezuela!

      Do you think it was Pyatt..that ordered the disgraced Bartholomew to divide the Orthodox Church in the Ukraine!
      Do you think if was Pyatt, and murdered Ambassador Steven in libya who coordinated the arming of terrorists in libya, and bombing to remove the leader of libya?

      Of course, Pyatt would intervene to protect Governor Tsipras, only because, Edrogan was still insubordinate to the interests of the U.S and Israel .. the major stock holders of Robert Menendez!

      All TNh has done,, is hide the real enemy of Greece … and dismiss all U.S and Nato bases, and get out of the EU!

    3. Michael, if you actually read my post, it was certainly not complimentary to Pyatt.

      Eleos, that was wonderful poetry.

  2. @Gianakos

    I agree with you that the US helped overthrow the previous pro-Russian Ukrainian government but you’re continuous obsession with Russia on this website makes me question if you are a Greek or false flag Slav propagandist trolling us. At last check Russians also play dumb as Skopians turned into “ancient Macedonians” (much like the anglo-saxon Americans do). Russians no more gives a damn about Greeks than they do.

    De Gaulle was right. When it comes to nationalism there is no such thing as friends. There is just interests. If Greeks had any sense.they would stop expecting foreign countries to defend us and start looking at ways to defend themselves. (e.g. exit NPT, build a nuclear stockpile = the end of Greece being a banana republic whose politicians get their orders from other nations.

  3. John..of course you were not complimentary of Pyatt… with his record of service to American Interests…not Greeks or European interests!

    However, the accountability of the actions of Pyatt, is always covered and concealed by TNH and their fake news media …whose allegiance is to the Secret Society of Aristocratic Elitist of Billinaires who have hijacked the entire government of America and the communications industry!

    Not that this is new..it has been going on since ..1776…. but now …their actions threaten the entire population of the world… with their perpetual wars and continuation of World War 2… to dominate the economic , political , and military sovereignty of the independent countries of the world!

    While Pyatt offends you and all Greeks with his criminal behavior ..and lets be clear…this is Criminal behavior on behalf of a foreign country to make enemies of Pyatt..the enemies of the people of Greece, you and TNH… suggest that it is not another symptom of a Fascist country ..who fraudulantly portrays itself as an exceptional culture,.that make them justified to wage war against the world to save it…and demand more bases in Greece to occupy it!

    The Hypocracy is pathetic… when TNH openly admits that Pyatt may be meddling in Greek elections and policy.but does not demand that Tsipras dismissed him from Greece with other U.S and Nato diplomats!

    John, we don’t need testimony to the crimes of Pyatt., but the real enemy of Greece!

    1. Why are the other people commenting on here spared your lectures on not being militant enough?

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