British Couple in Dune Buggy Plunge to Death Off Santorini Cliff

Santorini, Greece. (Photo by Eurokinissi/Vasilis Ververidis)

With the tourism season on Santorini picking up in spring, two British tourists died when their rented dune buggy fell 200 meters (656 feet) off a cliff at the highest point of the island on April 18.

The United Kingdom’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office was reported by British media as confirming the tragic accident.

“Our staff are assisting the families of two British people who have died on the island of Santorini, and are in contact with the Greek authorities,” the Independent quoted a spokesman for the office as saying.

Greek authorities reportedly said that the victims were a man and a woman, both aged 26 years old. It was unclear how the accident happened and the bodies were recovered from the bottom by a rescue crew.

The roads on the volcanic Aegean island are especially treacherous because of the naturally rugged terrain. News27 said another driver reportedly had died at the same spot last year and locals have described the road as a “death trap.”