Tribute to Bernardo Bertolucci: “The Last Dreamer”

FILE - In this file photo taken on Oct. 18, 2012, Italian film director Bernardo Bertolucci poses for photographers during a photo call in Rome. (AP Photo/Andrew Medichini)

ATHENS – The Athens International Film Festival presents, for the first time in Greece, a complete retrospective of the fiction films by one of the top filmmakers in the cinema world, from the 2nd until the 8th of May, at IDEAL cinema. A film tribute that deserves to be experienced on the big screen and under the most ideal screening circumstances.

Bernardo Bertolucci is considered as a major artist, maybe because in his whole career he realized a series of genuine film revolutions. He was the only director allowed to shoot in the Forbidden City in China for the 9 Academy Award winner movie «The Last Emperor», one of the insuperable epics of the big screen. With his masterpiece «The Conformist» he adapted Alberto Moravia’s legendary book, and a complex reflection on the individual’s place towards History, into one of the most significant (and dazzling beautiful) creations of all times. In the «Last Tango in Paris» he signed one of the undeniable and ever radical milestones in romantic cinema or, using the words of the renowned film critic Pauline Kael, «the most liberating movie ever made». With the five and a half hours long film «1900» he created a cutting edge mural – the film equivalent of a great classic novel. With the enchanting «Sheltering Sky» he had John Malkovich and Debra Winger wandering in their own existential deserts, adapting in an exemplary way Paul Bowle’s memorable pages. With the «Spider’s Stratagem», this remarkable dissertation on the Truth, the myths and the immense mazes of History, he gave Jorge Louis Borges the film adaptation he deserved.

Bernardo Bertolucci was a visionary man who dared to transpose into images his “dreams bigger than life”, a director as well as an “auteur”, a cinephile of strong intensity and great communicative power, a brave inquirer of gigantic themes such as History, psychoanalysis, human nature, politics, love and death, and an incomparable filmmaker who delivered a huge productions of admired and high quality movies in term of aesthetics with the same ease he directed the most discrete dramas.

The Italian director encompassed all of the above elements into the same sublime and consistently exciting work. This precise work is what the retrospective organized by the Athens International Film Festival wishes to honor, by hosting all of Bertolucci’s films in magnificent 35mm copies, except for the digital «Last Emperor» which will be screened for the first time in Greece in three dimensions (3D).

The movies will be introduced by special guests.

The tribute will premiere with the screening of the «Last Emperor» in 3D, on Friday, May 2nd, 19.30 at Ideal Cinema. Tickets available. A party at Ippopotamos Bar (Delfon 3Β, Κolonaki) will follow with the support of Jameson.

Analytically the films of the retrospective:

● The Grim Reaper | La commare secca (1962)
● Before the Revolution | Prima della rivoluzione (1964)
● Partner (1968)
● The Spider’s Stratagem | Strategia del ragnο (1970)
● The Conformist | Il conformista (1970)
● The Last Tango in Paris | Ultimo tango a Parigi (1972)
● 1900 | Novecento (1976)
● Luna | La luna (1979)
● Tragedy of a Ridiculous Man | La tragedia di un uomo ridicolo (1981)
● The Last Emperor 3D | L’Ultimo Imperatore (1987)
● The Sheltering Sky | Il Te’ nel Deserto (1990)
● Little Buddha | Piccolo Buddha (1993)
● Stealing Beauty | Io Ballo da Sola (1996)
● Besieged | L’assedio (1998)
● The Dreamers | I Sognatori (2003)
● Me and You | Io e te (2012)

The tribute’s full schedule as well as more detailed information will be announced soon.

The retrospective is co-organized with the Embassy of Italy, the Italian Cultural Institute of Athens and the Istituto Luce Cinecittà and by the City of Athens Cultural, Sport and Youth Organization (OPANDA). The retrospective is part of the “Cartellone di Primavera” (Spring Billboard) of the initiative Tempo Forte Italia–Ελλαδα 2019. Tempo Forte is promoted by the Embassy of Italy in order to enhance and foster cultural relations between Italy and Greece together with Greek and Italian Institutions, Foundations, Artists and enthusiasts.

Stay tuned for updates on the 25th anniversary edition of the Athens International Film Festival.

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