Game of Thrones Incorporated

This image released by HBO shows Vladimir Furdik as The Night King on the season finale of "Game of Thrones." The final season premieres on Sunday. (HBO via AP)

Game of Thrones, the absolute tv series, strikes back for its final season. The GοT characters inspire, motivate, confuse and cause a big bang of emotions every time we watch them! Emotions lead to actions we usually say in terms of Emotional Intelligence. Although the story comes from the writer’s imagination, the characters could equally have come from someone’s experience in corporate working environments where a lot of people compete each other and struggle for fame and wealth! In GoT actors are aware of the script but in corporates we don’t have a clue about what is going to happen!!

Corporate Game of Thrones takes place every day and not once a year!

So, with which  GoT character do you collaborate daily at the office? Does your manager or CEO have common characteristics with Cersei Lannister? Can you recognize a charismatic John Snow or a Tyrion Lannister among your colleagues?

So, who are they?

This combination photo of images released by HBO shows Emilia Clarke portraying Daenerys Targaryen in “Game of Thrones.” (HBO via AP)

Daenerys Targaryen is a gifted woman who had been developed in an experiential manner. Α leader but also a determined CEO. Her goals are not annual. She definitely wants to reach the top! Making quick decisions, inspires people around and provides safety. She will take time to ask you if you and your family are doing well. She will give you extra days off to get rest! She will be generous by promoting you every season. Trust is the key word to enter to her team! She has discovered her strengths and powers through a painful journey. She has made mistakes but she has learned from them. Daenerys is an excellent example of personal development. She has grown to a Leader! Not only people but also Dragons are faithful to her Leadership!

This combination photo of images released by HBO shows Peter Dinklage portraying Tyrion Lannister in “Game of Thrones.” (HBO via AP)

Tyrion Lannister, the Manager most people would like to have.  He has humor, reads people well and skillfully handles politics. He protects the members of his team and rewards them. He always keeps his promises. He is not afraid to ask for help. He teaches courage and bravery by his example. He shares information with his team members and speaks to the top management for his top performers.  A manager, but also a life Coach! His advices have saved many peoples lives. Some people hate him or are afraid of him. Having previously been the target of discrimination and abusive behavior, he has adopted a highly opposite behavior characterized by maturity and acceptance of the disadvantages of both his own and those around him. He is possessed of passions and enjoys every day of his life! He has accepted who he is and fights for others. He began his career without focusing on becoming someone great. He has given battles as a front line executive and developed his personal brand. He has negotiation skills and in one way or another he is on the spot! Tyrion,  is one of the cases you learn from your colleagues that there is a supervisor in a department with whom his team is enjoying worklife!

This image released by HBO shows Lena Headey as Cersei Lannister in a scene from “Game of Thrones.” (HBO via AP)

Cersei Lannister is a horrible boss. A boss that makes people cry. Cersei in our era, would definitely be that kind of a boss who send emails all day long, threatens you that you will be replaced, or insults you. That kind of a boss who doesn’t listen to anything but his own opinion! If you disagree with her plans you will be… extinguished! She will send email to the personnel to participate in anonymous surveys but she will search and find who criticized her. Also, nowadays, Cersei would have been the guru CEO of mergers and acquisitions. A corporate politics expert. An enemy that it is hard to beat. She is not in touch with common people. She is speaking only with her private consultants or partners. If she comes to you it means that you definitely have to do what she is asking. She will never ask you how you feel or what are your desires. Having a bad character and using your powers for non-ethical purposes does not mean that you will not have success! She doesn’t care about what others think of her. Focusing on her goals & vision is planning her strategy. If you want to work for her you must accept her profile and techniques. She rewards loyalty but she can also eliminate you when you don’t fit to her plans. She will remain at the CEO position at any cost.

Jammie Lannister is the company’s charmer! Women love to talk to him and men are jealous of him. He has the package. Nice appearance and a well-paid position! His ascension to the hierarchy is rapid and continuous. Rumors about his personal life have become viral to gossips inside the company but nobody ever told him anything. Although he could be in a high-level executive position he is always found at the front line. With a superficial approach, one would describe him as stingy, cynical, and hypocritical. However, through difficult situations he evolved as a person, bringing to the surface his emotional and moral aspect. His emotional growth made people like him more. He trusted new people and unleashed from restrictive beliefs. He remains at the front line and wants to serve the good. People that find out his strengths tend to like him more. He is growing to a Leader…

The Night King is an old fashion CEO. His style is more authoritarian. He has served the army before. He controls everything and speaks only with his team of executives. People inside and outside of the organization fear him. Is that kind of a boss that people struggle not to have any interaction with! He is also an excellent recruiter. He hires people with a single touch! The culture and strategy are very clear to the organization he leads. He has that cynical and cold behavior. People join him because he provides excellent scores in employee retention and in giving a second chance in life!

John Snow is a successful executive who has started his career from low. Many of his colleagues are proud to say that they have served with him during his early years. His presence in the front line is his oxygen. He has principles and values. He is faithful, brave and risky. He inspires and helps people become better. Sometimes though he can’t manage successfully his emotions. Typically, executives starting from low and evolving quickly are unable to grasp the importance of politics and the correlation of forces. His agility and maturity developed through painful situations. He had to see a part of himself die! He inspires confidence, he has a vision and morality, and many would like to “fight” on his side.

John Snow is a true Leader who will fight alongside with his “brothers” until the end of his career!

GoT is ending this season but you may have a meeting with a Cersei in five!

*George Goulas is a based in Athens, Career & Business Coach