Picasso and Antiquity: Line and Clay at Museum of Cycladic Art

Amedeo Modigliani, Pablo Picasso, and André Salmon in front the Café de la Rotonde, Paris. Image taken by Jean Cocteau in Montparnasse, Paris in 1916. Photo: Public domain

ATHENS – As part of the Divine Dialogues series of art exhibitions, the Museum of Cycladic Art presents a major exhibition titled Picasso and Antiquity: Line and Clay, June 20-October 20. It is a rare exhibition about Picasso and his inspiration from antiquity in conversation with ancient works of art, curated by Professor N. C. Stampolidis and Olivier Berggruen.

The greatest of twentieth-century modern artists is famous for his spectacular paintings but less for his drawings, engravings, and pottery. The combination of these media closely recalls antiquity and has produced works inspired by the Creto-Mycenaean and Greek worlds as well as the Mediterranean civilizations in general.

In the exhibition, rare works by Picasso, depicting marine creatures, animals, human figures, mythological scenes, and scenes inspired by ancient tragedy and comedy, converse with ancient artifacts in another unique “Divine Dialogue” at the Museum of Cycladic Art.

A whole world is revealed in the Museum of Cycladic Art, a world carried by the artist inside him, a world of antiquities discovered not necessarily in the ancient lands of the Mediterranean but in European museums, in books, and in conversations with Christian Zervos and Jean Cocteau.

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