Astoria’s Taverna Kos Turns Seafood into Luxury Item

(Photo by TNH/Christodoulos Athanasatos)

Taverna Kos, which in 2016 turned from being a private club for members of the Pancoan Society, earned itself a glowing review in the New York Times with restaurant critic Marian Bull more than satisfied with the service and the food.

She said the restaurant, which last summer began serving on weekends, had managed to make seafood a luxurious meal, behind owner, Kostas Karargiorgis, who is from the Greek island Nisyros and who named the place for where his wife Maria grew up – on Kos. She also works at the restaurant, cooking the daily specials while their son, Mike, is the assistant manager.

The restaurant favors and excels at seafood, she noted, but Mr. Kargiorgis, 66, also serves what he calls Greek-American food, like hamburgers. “I’m American,” he said, “I’ve been here 50 years!”

You must try it.