Why Your Pappou Supported Trump and Will Again

FILE - President Donald Trump visits a new section of the border wall with Mexico in Calexico, Calif., Friday April 5, 2019. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

Let’s take a typical second-generation Greek-American, female, mid-twenties, living in Manhattan or another of the surrounding New York City suburbs. She’s a millennial professional, born to parents who, like her, are also native New Yorkers – and Democrats. And like so many of her friends, neighbors, and coworkers, she utterly despises Donald Trump and can’t wait for the day when he’s finally out of office.

Let’s call her Elektra (I’d have gone with the more popular “Maria,” but then I’d probably …

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  1. Depends where your loot is. Yapu voted for Trump and Tsipras because the working class looted Greece and stores their treasure in America. But the Clintorists and Mutroduckies loot America with socialism and bury their loot in their asveduvar walls.

  2. You described this Pappou to the letter, I voted for the first time in 1960. JFK was someone that cared about the working man. I cherish these words ” Ask what you can do for your county Not what your country can do for you”. All I wanted was an opportunity and that’s what I got. God gave me the tools to work with and it was my responsibility as an individual to develop my talents. The Democratic Party left me along time ago. I love all my family with all my heart, I just pray that these young people will see the light sooner than latter. Thank you for a great piece of journalism and describing to a “T” this old man’s feelings.

    Bill Kravas

    1. What do the editors find in my comments that needs moderation? This is one man’s opinion. I never though any one would find this opinion radical and not civil.

    2. Thank you, sir. Your comments confirm that there are many actual Pappous on the basis of which I created my hypothetical one.

  3. I wonder if Papou voted for Nixon and Agnew? Or, I wonder if he just didn’t like Hillary? Papous are smarter than you think.

    1. Cultures that never had a woman leader (Italy, Africa, Greece) voted against Hillary.
      Just as the Greek right made Tsipras premier by refusing to make Dora President.

    1. Different times, different circumstances. That’s like saying any American who opposes overthrowing the government today would not have supported the American Revolution way back when.

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