Anastasiades Escapes Blame for Everything, Sells Off Cyprus

FILE - Cyprian President Nicos Anastasiades closes his jacket when arriving at the informal EU summit in Salzburg, Austria, Wednesday, Sept. 19, 2018. (AP Photo/Kerstin Joensson)

Don’t blame Cypriot President Nicos Anastasiades for allowing banks to confiscate bank accounts, to hold bank managers accountable for nearly bringing down their institutions or the economy in 2013, for failing to help reunify Cyprus or for pardoning a pedophile or defending the sale of Golden Visas that let wealthy foreigners, some likely criminals, buy residency permits.

None of that is his fault. You thought John “The Teflon Don” Gotti and Greek Prime Minister and Looney Left Alexis “The Escape Artist” …

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  1. Hey Andy… you just don’t appreciate what Anastasaides, Tsipras, and their ruling political parties face every day of the year…in order to remain in power in Greece!

    What they now represent ..are cowards and traitors to their country, its people, and the international community of independent countries of the world!

    They are surrounded and occupied by U.S led Nato forces from Turkey, England, and America, and despite non of these countries being EU members, and Cyprus not a declared member of Nato… they have allowed Cyprus to continue as nothing more than a colonial protectorate of this Organized Crime Family!

    Only traitors.allow a foreign country, like former colonialist and war criminal England to maintain a military base in Cyprus to launch .. war crimes bombing of sovereign nations like Iraq, Syria, Yemen from the shores of Cyprus which makes Greek Cypriots accessories to genocide and war crimes!

    Only traitors and cowards allows Greek Cypriot citizens to be subject to catastrophic retaliation by foreign countries against the waging of war by a foreign country like England from the shores of Cyprus..and why Cyprus is simply a floating aircraft carrier or Nato!

    Only a traitor and coward allows himself, like Tsipras, to serves Anglo White Supremacist Aristocrats from the regimes of America and England to stay in power

    Only a traitor allows former colonialist to rule Cyprus, and not ask the people of Cyprus ..if they would rather unite…

  2. to finish my post… Only a traitor allows former colonialist to rule Cyprus, and not ask the people of Cyprus ..if they would rather unite with Greece ..and be part of a country and people who respect Greek Cypriots religion, culture, and history!

    No,, Anastasidis and his ruling party of Cyprus, since, 1974, prefer the status quo which makes them the big Fish in a little pond!

    Of course, he will not do this ..because let everyone be was the United States, Turkey and England. in 1974., who prevented the coup of the Cypriot government by alleged Greeks with unification with Greece as their goal! We all know how the made sure Cyprus would not be part of Greece…with the invasion by Nato member Turkey fo Northern Cyprus , and ethnic and religious cleansing of Greek Cypriots!

    Today, after witnessing the violent mobster “Black Hand” regime change foreign policy of America ..that has devastated the people of the independent countries of the world.. and now right in front of every citizen of the world ..the despicable and disgusting economic warfare of The U.S and EU..which demands that the people of Venezuela remove their elected leader , and install a leader chosen by the U.S and EU., or face starvation!

    They do not even hide their offering millions of dollars to Venezuela ..if they do what they say!

    The real shame not on Tsipras and Anastasiadis..but every Greek in the world ..who remains silent to fascism!

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