The Rupture in Tsipras-Diaspora Relations

FILE - Τhe Greek Independence Day Parade in New York, April 22, 2018. (Photo by TNH/Kostas Bej)

Maybe this news has only appeared in fine print. But it is serious. Very serious – and probably unprecedented.

As if it were a spontaneous mass decision, mystically expressing the general will of the Hellenic Diaspora, Greeks from America to Australia have signaled that any representatives of the Greek government will be considered personas non grata at events and parades celebrating March 25, 1821.

We have seen this in all the parades that have been held so far and we will see …

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  1. The rapture is an appropriate word considering the rapture will occur when the PM reveals himself to the world,

  2. Who cares about the precious “Made in America Greeks”…who have no clue as to who they should really be angry at for not only the Macedonian debacle, the EU Bailout loan sharking scheme, the surrendering of the sovereignty of Greece and its people, and the continued occupation of Turkey in Cyprus… who have made the Annual Greek independence day parade a complete Fraud, with Geoffrey Pyatt., U.S ambassador to Greece, and the Fascist regimes of the United States Government and European Union…now the owners of the Greek people and her culture!

    Who cares about the precious “Made in America Greeks” who make an EU Commissioner with a Greek Name..the “Grand Marshal of the Boston Parade” ..instead of his servants in Greece!

    How pathetic, an EU beuracrate..who just distinguished himself , in supporting the breaking of international laws to demand that the people of Venezuela remove their elected leader, and replace him with one chosen by the EU and America! He and the EU parliament with America …supported economic sanctions and confiscated 14 billion dollars of Venezuela assets to starve the people of Venezuela…which UN investigators and human rights commissioners are calling …Crimes against Humanity!

    So the alleged Secret Society Greek Masons… feature a potential war criminal in their parade and the oppressor of the Independence of Greece and Venezuela to celebrate the independence of Greece!

    Close Nato, EU and America bases in Greece!

    1. You are right that many Americans are antihellenic. Many of them generously tried to give our history to Skopians to hide their mistake of recognizing the frauds as “ethnic” Macedonians. …ironically behaving much like the ethnic engineers of the Soviet Union the US once protected Greece from during the Greek civil war..

      However America, a republic with elections, clearly isn’t “fascist”. Calling it fascist only brings into question your objectivity — thus whatever you have to say that is valid also become suspect. You hurt Greece by unfairly lashing out in this way. Words have meaning.

      Furthermore I would point out that rampent anti-hellennism has hardly been restricted to the US. The governments of Russia, China, UK, Venezuela, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Canada, Hungary, and many many others that claimed obvious Slavs “ethnic” Macedonians — also all played dumb over their flip-flopping identity claims and obvious irredentism.

  3. Still say the Female Greek NASA Scientist should be grandmarshall., not any politician ever…..Amd yes always seem to have a very vocal American Ambassador in Greece, in Print, Interviews, TV, with an official opinion or the State Depts Take? When have you ever read or seen a statement by a Greek Ambassador to the United States, commenting on any American domestic issue? It is meddling, just like this fake Mediterranean Energy Hoax, just another way for the U.S. to get control of energy and dictate its way it wants things done. Yes to Michael’s stance of NATO, EU, EURO, U.S., out of greece….It’s what SYRIZA ran on, only now it runs from it…..and of course throw SYRIZA out too.

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