In the Enthusiasm Gap, It’s Socialism over Capitalism

(AP Photo/Julie Jacobson)

Let us at least for the moment shoo aside the absurd conspiracy theory that Vladimir Putin wanted Donald Trump to win the 2016 election and thus hacked into Facebook and ran anti-Hillary Clinton ads, which magically transformed her supporters into Trumpies, thereby handing him the election. Instead, let’s consider the real reason why Trump won – a reason that proves itself in election after election, and has not failed to be a reliable predictor since perhaps the Nixon-McGovern race in …

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  1. Donald Trump…was elected to the presidency for the following reasons.

    1. 78% of all American ..according to the Gallop Polls in 2014…considered the U.S government corrupt thru and Thru…and Hillary Clinton was the face of the entire government! In reality, any dog not affiliated with either party and member of the U.S. government could be elected!

    2. Donald Trump… was going to be the rogue billionaire, not enslaved by the Deep State billionaires and Special interest Robert Menendez of New Jersey… and would represent the interests of America…not foreign countries! You know make the people of America first!

    3. Donald Trump promised to do what …Hillary Clinton was planning to continue …stop the foreign policy of war crimes regime changes of the independent countries of the world which got him the independent and Democratic liberal vote..who knew that Clinton with McCain…would certainly start a war with Russia for their Global agenda!

    4. He promised the populist that he would improve relations with Russia, which is the only reason that Secret Society of billionaire Aristocrats …unleached the fabricated Russian Collusion case, to prevent good relations with order to continue their World War with created enemies, Russia, China and all the countries of the world who do not surrender their sovereignty to these fascist globalist!

    Unfortunately, Trump, like Tsipras has reneged on his promises to remain in power!

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