Besides Turkey, US May Sell F-35s to Greece, American Allies

FILE - In this Sept. 2, 2015, file photo, an F-35 jet flies over its new operational base at Hill Air Force Base, in northern Utah. (AP Photo/Rick Bowmer, File)

Locked in a dispute with Turkey, which wants to buy US-made F-35’s as well as a Russian missile defense system, the United States is reportedly mulling letting Greece as well as Romania and Poland – buy the fighter jets, a move that could escalate tension with Moscow.

The US wants to let five countries who are European allies get the jets, a Pentagon official told Congress. Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned NATO and the US and its allies from getting too bold near his country’s border.

Greece was anxious that Turkey would have a far superior airplane in the F-35 compared to the aging F-16s that Greek pilots use, that Greece wants to upgrade as there are frequent violations of Greek airspace that see pilots between the countries engage in mock dogfights.

In written testimony submitted to the US House of Representatives seen by Reuters, Vice Admiral Mathias Winter – the head of the Pentagon’s F-35 office – said that “future potential Foreign Military Sales customers also include Singapore and Spain.

Foreign military sales like those of the F-35 are considered government-to-government deals where the Pentagon acts as an intermediary between the defense contractor and a foreign government. Finland, Switzerland and the United Arab Emirates want the jets too.

Winter’s full written testimony, which could be made public as soon as April 5, as soon as the US would respond to all official requests for information about the jet.

Last year, Belgium was the first new customer for the F-35 in years, choosing it over the Eurofighter Typhoon to replace its aging F-16s in a 4 billion euro ($4.55 billion) deal.

Under President Donald Trump the United States is pushing a “Buy American” plan that eased restrictions on who could buy the F-35s in a bid to expand the sale of American weapons overseas.

Lockheed, the jet’s prime contractor, is developing and building three models of the new warplanes for the US military and 10 other countries jets: Britain, Australia, Italy, Turkey, Norway, the Netherlands, Israel, Japan, South Korea and also Belgium.


  1. Why shouldn’t Greece and Cyprus buy U.S .advanced fighters and military hardware….look, the U.S is the number one arms supplier in the world to anybody who wants them …like Trump said…”Its all good business for America”…in joining Robert Menendez and the foreign relations committee in not terminating lethal arms sales to Saudi Arabia”s dictators and war criminals based on the dismembering the body of a Journalist who exposed the war crimes of Saudi Arabia, and America in Yemen and to Jihadist Terrorist rebels in Syria , Iraq, Yemen, libya.with Saudi Arabia, who is the number one purchaser from the U.S in the world!

    The only reason, U.S SS officers wants to sell F-35’s to Greece, which by the way, are reported to be lemons, since, even Israel who , of course , already is supplied with these fighters and 200 nuclear warheads does not even use them in their Syrian war crimes, since Russia now provides Syria with S-300 missles, .because it would be a business nightmare for U.S manufacturers to expose the fact that their stealthy not so stealthy, and can use Greece to wage economic and political warfare for the insubordination of Turkey in not cooperating any longer with this axis of evil …U.S , Israel , Saudi Arabia, and Nato to wage war against Syria, Iran, Russia, China, Yemen. Venezuela, Afganistan, libya etc etc and

    Furthermore, someone has to make up for the lost sales to Turkey. of 3.5 billion dollars!


  2. Just a ploy to get Turkey to, get in line…Never trust anything anymore, always a hidden agenda, with what money will Greece buy anything with? $100m. Ea, hmm maybe they can afford a wheel, or joystick, but not a whole plane…not unless the really crack doen on tax scammers, and POS cheats.,there is more than enough money if all the uncollected, and non taxed money is finally collected….at least another $/€4 billion a year is needed just on actual purchase of new equipment, Ships, Planes, Helicopters etc, and even then these all take a few years to build and finally recieve..A New Defense Tax, Pay Or The Bottom Of The Aegean With You!.

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