Pyatt Congratulates Tsipras on His Successful Visit to North Macedonia

US Ambassador to Greece Geoffrey Pyatt.(Photo by Eurokinissi/Giannis Panagopoulos)

ATHENS – US Ambassador to Greece Geoffrey Pyatt on Wednesday congratulated Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras on what the envoy called a successful visit to North Macedonia, addressing the annual conference of the Hellenic Association of Exporters.

The prime minister’s visit to Skopje gives hope to all Europe for the strengthening of relations among its people, noted Pyatt.

He made positive comments about the increasing interest of Greek entrepreneurs in exports, noting that the US considers Greece a hub for all the Eastern Mediterranean in commerce, infrastructure and energy.

Finally, he spoke about the cooperation being promoted by the American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce for stronger Greek exports and for international cooperation with emphasis on energy, telecoms and the agri-food sector.

There is a good climate as regards the export of products and services, along with Greek and US bilateral investments, and the trade balance is rising and balanced, Pyatt underlined.


  1. Thank you again for featuring the coordinator of the coup of the elected leader of the Ukraine, the theft of the Macedonian culture to Fyrom, the purveyor of using religion as a tool of war to divide the Orthodox Christians of the Ukraine and Russia, and now the governor of the state of Greece…Geoffrey Pyatt!

    Enough TNH… we all know that you also feature the leadership of the fraudulent Greek Societies promote friends of the ” The Glory to America ” Masons to convince Greece…that it is in the interests of Greeks to surrender their sovereignty to a regime in Washington …that is looking more and more …like Nazi Germany in 1935!

    Which makes TNH… a collaborator in covering up what else Geoffrey Pyatt does ..which is to act as a PR advocate for any Vassal state that continues to comply with the same masters Pyatt works for!

    Interesting, Pyatt did not congratulate Tsipra for rejecting corrupt Ahepan Robert Menendez demand to join America in breaking all international laws to disgracefully tell the people of Venezuela to surrender their elected leader and replace him with a leader chosen by Menendez! Importantly, he did not congratulate Tsipras , in not joining him and Menendez to wage economic, military , and political warfare on the People of Venezuela to starve them to remove their leader, and literally, confiscate the peoples gold and oil revenues with the Bank of England!
    The U.N. reps…call this …Crimes against humanity!

  2. Michael had a feeling you would be here! Yes these approval, disapproval of nations internal affairs even as they pertain to outside countries are not the business of Ambassadors/Governors as in this case the occupation of Greece by foreign powers. I Am For Closing All Foreign Bases, And Embassies Consulates. And Greece Do The Same And Leave Every Nation They Have Embassies In, Out Of NATO, EU, EURO, Etc…To Be Alone, Have Nothing, Need Nothing We Are Finally Free…

    1. Pavlo… what is also exposed to the people of Greece and the world is ideologically demented White Supremacist racist Aristocrats of our government and secret societies of Billionaires,.who beleive they are so exceptional ….that only they are entitled to run the countries of the world!

      They now own the politicians , media and banks…to enforce their vision of the world …which is now being played out by the George Soros owned EU.and Nato countries…which are no different that the old Soviet Bloc!

      Their goal is to erase the cultural , religious, and historical face of all the countries of Europe to become part of a new culture of values and traditions dictated by degenerate Aristocratic supremacist in Brussels and Washington, who Publicly.. call the” People of Greece and Europe “Populist and Nationalist” enemies of the Eu to be dealt with.because they will not surrender the interests of themselves and their country!

      Greece has been the target of the EU..because no country in Europe has the cultural , historical and religious identity and values of Greec

      TNH featuresnGreek Masons, Ahepan Robert Menendez or Geoffrey Pyatt on their front pages to fraudulently portray America as the only country in the world ..who cares about Greece and her interests!

      Pyatt, acting like the Pope blesses Tsipras for his treason, despite the fact that most Greeks opposed this action, but Pyatt, like a fascist occupier..dismisses what Greeks think or do !

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