Mitsotakis Says He Could Derail North Macedonia’s EU Entry

Photo: ND Press Office/Dimitris Papamitsos.

Major opposition New Democracy leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis, leading big in surveys in an election year, said if he comes to power he would veto the newly-named North Macedonia’s hopes of joining the European Union if Greece’s interests would be harmed.

He made the remarks in Greece’s second largest city Thessaloniki, in the province of Macedonia, where Prime Minister and Radical Left SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras was booed a few days earlier by protesters upset he made a deal giving away the name of Macedonia to North Macedonia, which had been called The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM).

Mitsotakis also told local producers he would act to protect products and brand-names bearing the name Macedonian, which some businesses in North Macedonia are using to designate their goods.

He’s hoping to ride a crest of fury in the region against the anti-nationalist Tsipras and SYRIZA for giving away the name of Macedonia although that was first done by his father, the late former Premier Constantinos Mitsotakis, who allowed the new country emerging from the collapse of Yugoslavia in 1991 to call itself FYROM.

That was supposed to be a temporary agreement but when successive governments in FYROM began claiming Greek lands, including the real Macedonia and Thessaloniki, Greece used a veto to keep that country out of NATO and opening EU accession talks.

Those were lifted by Tsipras but while there’s no turning back on NATO, a Mitsotakis government could stop North Macedonia from getting into the EU, which requires unanimous approval of the current 28 countries.

In a meeting with social partners and local producers, Mitsotakis promised that, if elected, a ND government will veto North Macedonia’s EU accession course if Greek national interests are not guaranteed, and if problems with Greek products bearing the name and derivatives of the name Macedonian aren’t resolved, the business newspaper Naftemporiki said.

He also promised to fund an international promotional campaign for the brand name Macedonia and to register more protected designation of origin products from Greece’s Macedonia province that need safeguards.


  1. In 1995 both the Republic of Macedonia and Greece signed a UN brokered Interim Accord which allowed Macedonia to enter into any, and all, international organisations including the UN, Nato and EU (or EC as it was known then) under the interim name ‘the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia’ however Greece breached the accord in 2008 when it vetoed Macedonia’s entry into NATO, Macedonia subsequently took Greece to the International Court of Justice (ICJ), were the court found that Greece did in fact violate its obligation under Article 11, Paragraph 1, of the interim UN accord, and that Greece had no grounds to object (veto) Macedonia’s entry into NATO. So for Mr Mitsotakis to still what to veto Macedonia’s entry into the EU, even under the name ‘North Macedonia’ would not be surprising, as Greece historically has never honored any agreement they have signed with Macedonia.

    1. To address the prior Skopian’ posters argument ath greece breached the 1995 agreement…

      that same accord have provinsions against historical propaganda and irredentism as well… which you former Yugoslavians blatantly violated as VMRO tried to narrate you into “ancient Macedonians’.. ….while masses of patronizing antihellenic bigots that supported you looked the other way.

      This propaganda continues to this day, as VMRO, UMD, MHRMI and other Skopian organizations violate the Prespa agreement by continuing to use the term “Macedonia” to describe the country and continue to promote ancient Macedonian fanatasies.

      This evasions of foreign nationalists over VMRO-bots identity crisis is why incompetent Tzipras (a far left extremists who thinks communists were on the right side of the cold war) Prespa agreement is a joke. Unless the foreign nationalists condemn organizations like VMRO, MHRMI, UMD, et al… this issue will not end in our lifetime.

  2. It’s only a matter of time before extreme right Skopians try to open another “Home of Macedonian culture” in Macedonia. Only a matter of time before the demand Greece allow the teaching of “Macedonian language” in Greek schools.

    This will trigger violence in Greece. And If another civil war break out and Greeks start dying again…, the antinationalist “Greek” leftists that once again took the side of irredentist Skopians (like they did during the Greek civil war)….should be either expelled from Greece, imprisoned or face execution for treason.

  3. What a uneducated non informal response and scare mongering from Greek. People like yourself should get off these platforms as it is absolute garbage and speculative incitfullness…. Please don’t use your thoughts again…..

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