En Route to North Macedonia, Tsipras Jeered in Thessaloniki

FILE - Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras during his opening speech at Wednesday's Cabinet meeting, FEB. 20, 2019. (Photo by Eurokinissi/Tatiana Bollari)

THESSALONIKI – Prime Minister and Radical Left SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras came to Greece’s second-largest city in a bid to convince people the deal he made to rename what is now North Macedonia would be good for business but was called a “traitor” for doing so.

The anti-nationalist Tsipras spearheaded the agreement that changed the name of The Former Yugoslav Republic of Yugoslavia (FYROM) that gave away the name of the ancient Greek province of Macedonia, where Thessaloniki is located, and was protested for it.

Hoping to reverse his falling fortunes in an election year, Tsipras came to the city to persuade residents and businesses the deal would help them economically but demonstrators were having none of what he was selling.

Tsipras was accosted by demonstrators who called him a “traitor” and chanted slogans that “Macedonia is Greek” as he arrived at the northern port city’s Vellideio Conference Hall to present SYRIZA’s candidate in the race for the regional governorship of Central Macedonia in May, Christos Yiannoulis, said Kathimerini.

Tsipras’s visit to Thessaloniki came ahead of his trip to North Macedonia’s capital of Skopje on April 2, accompanied by 70 businessmen but not Professional Chamber of Thessaloniki President, Michalis Zorpidis, who said he won’t go to Greece’s neighbor “as long as it is using a name that does not belong to it.”

Tsipras met with around 40 businessmen, urging them to invest in the neighboring country and to engage in trade even though still up in the air is whether businesses in North Macedonia can call some of their goods, products, and foodstuffs Macedonian, putting them in direct competition with the real Macedonia.

“The walls have come down,” Tsipras said of the deal he made, insisting it’s good for business and relations with North Macedonia and them.


  1. How about having Greek Businesses and Businessmen invest in Greece! A few already well off getting more money is not what greece needs, Jobs, livable wages, all paying taxes, use and weekly checked use of POS pay card terminals, huge fines for playing games with them ie unplugging them. More use of Debit cards not Credit Cards….Invest in Greece, F-Skopje…

    1. Pavlo, you state the obvious…however… you need to be reminded…that the wealthy Greek Aristocrats and the government of Greece have sold off the country of Greece to the EU and U.S!
      Greece no longer exists, and like Macedonia …its land, culture and people are part of the European Block, and for the EU communist, spending your money in FYROM is no different than spending it in Greece! The only benefit enjoyed …is by the EU, and that is all that matters!

      While most people were under the perception by the Aristocratic Controlled media …that the European Union was an “Economic Alliance” to promote free trade and business opportunities within the Union ..it is now clear …that this was more like the OLD UNION OF SOVIET STATES…which the Hungarian President, who should know….. has publicly stated …is exactly what the EU is all about in really making the countries of Europe subservient to a Central Party rule without firing a shot !

      Here is what has happened …the richest white supremacist elitist in the U.S. , England, Saudi ARABIA,.AND ISRAEL are now self funded Businesses buying up the leaders and representatives of the independent countries of the world, to support a plan to turn Europe into one big blob of humanity without borders, cultures, or national identity which eliminates the interests of the populace ..which is why the EU and Greek Aristocrates demean the populace as their enemy! ..

      Get out of EU and Nato..close U.S bases.

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