Did Anyone Really Doubt The Mueller Report Result?

FILE - Special Counsel Robert Mueller walks past the White House after attending services at St. John's Episcopal Church, in Washington, Sunday, March 24, 2019. (AP Photo/Cliff Owen)

Having spent the past 11 years as a writer for The National Herald, most of those as an editor and a few as Executive Editor, I am quite familiar with the demographics of our readers: overall, they are more sophisticated and politically aware than the average American.

Therefore, I imagine that even those TNH readers who didn’t vote for Donald Trump in 2016 – and don’t plan at this point to vote for him in 2020 – can understand the reality …

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  1. Mr. Scaros, you were once an Executive Editor, why are the media mongrels not held criminal accountable for their lies and propaganda in supporting criminal regime changes in not only America , but in all the countries of the world …and now in Venezuela!

    Of course, Russia Gate was a hoax… so was the… the Iraq war, the invasion of the Ukraine by Russia, , Gulf of Ton-kin incident which never happened, but led to the murder of millions in Vietnam, the poisoning of a double agent in England by Russia, that Iran has Nuclear Warheads, that Iran, Syria, libya, Iraq, Yemen etc etc. were threats to America, and the biggest Hoax and myth of American exceptionalism, but more like White Supremacist entitled to save humanity by bombing them!

    Scaros, Chief of the foreign Press .. ” Mainstream media is the most corrupt institution in America! While only 15 % of Americans trust the media, this Russian meddling and collusion lie makes a mockery of your profession!

    The real purpose of the media.is to enable the Neo con Aristocratic fascist of our government to create enemies of America to rape our treasury to wage world wide economic, political , and military wars , to spend trillions on more horrific Nuclear weapons, restore the Cold War, tear up international agreements, and break international laws to overthrow foreign countries!

    The media is the unquestioned voice of America, to approve the actions of war criminals and mobsters, not the populace!

  2. St. Michael, Kalimera from the heart of Greece the Peloponnese…another typical day here, ERT with SYRIZA lies, SWAT teams arresting 90 yr old yia yia’s selling homemade booties, Turkish Fighters flying the friendly skies of Greece, Germans angry greece wants to pay debt early ( Miss out on all the intrest payments) ND thinks their gonna win? Yet have no plans..The Media here is worse, all political party sides news..Handouts are on their way “Buying Votes” The Bribe in Greece is alive and well from the village to the PM residence..Greece For Sale, Beautiful day for the 25th, now storms and cold. The gods smiled for a day, but now the evil that has taken over this land is back…

    No colusion, just opportunist trying to make deals, America sounds more like Greece everyday..Nothing gets done, money wasted, political parties get in their shots and lies, the media fuels the flames and nothing at the end? A typical Day In Greece…Have a great weekend Michael.

    1. Greetings Pavlo and hope you are well! Of course, America sounds like the state of Greece., whose governor is Alexis Tsipras, manned by the same corrupt congressman of America, and promoted by the same corrupted Western Media!

      Mistotakis and ND provide no relief for the populace of Greece yearning to be independent and actually have control of their economic, political and military policies!
      As a matter of fact, Mistotakis may even be worse, since, he has clearly indicated that he join the EU parliament of dictators, in making the populace of the European Union their dreadful enemies, because the leaders of countries like Hungary Austria , Italy have begun to represent the interests of the people of their countries, not the Aristocrats in Brussels and Washington!
      Mistotakis has demonstrated his commitment to the EU..by condemning Tsipras for not joining the EU to break international laws in going half way around the world to tell the people of Venezuela that the leader of Venezuela they elected must be removed …and replaced by a new leader selected by the EU and America!

      Pavlo ..Greece like America.need to completely remove the entire political party members who are corrupted beyond repair! Is their anybody who will stand up in Greece …and run on a platform to remove all the parasites from Brussels and Washington ..and allow Greeks to run their country”

      It is a Topsy Turvy world in free fall …just ride the waves with a glass of Ouzo!

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