Sen. Menendez Sees US Cyprus Arms Embargo Ending Sometime

New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez. (Photo: TNH/ Kostas Bej, file)

After meeting Cyprus’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Nikos Christodoulides who was in Washington, D.C., New Jersey Democratic Sen. Robert Menendez said that, “We are getting ever closer” to ending an arms embargo preventing the purchase of weapons.

In statement after a meeting of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, where he is a ranking member, Menendez also said  that “We are really enthused about the role Cyprus is continuously taking in exercising leadership in the region,” reported Kathimerini.

“I have always had a view of lifting the arms embargo. I think we are getting ever closer and to the credit of the Cypriot government they have taken a series of actions that I think makes that move possible,” he said.

That’s been said before without result. In January, Christodoulides said the embargo was going to be lifted because the US saw the “added value” of allowing Cyprus to acquire military equipment that would help enhance its capabilities to boost regional security.

The embargo was imposed in 1987 with the aim of preventing an arms buildup that would hamper diplomatic efforts to reunify divided Cyprus. The island was split along ethnic lines in 1974 when Turkey invaded in the wake of a coup aimed at union with Greece.

Christodoulides said the process to lift the embargo has been set in motion in the U.S. Congress, reflecting a “positive shift” in that Washington no longer views Cyprus solely as an unsettled conflict of ethnic division.

“This is proof, if you like, of the recognition by the U.S. administration of the positive role that Cyprus plays as a pillar of stability and security in the broader region,” Christodoulides said then without that hope being realized.

told The Associated Press.

A State Department press release said Hale met with Christodoulides “to discuss the recent progress in the US-Republic of Cyprus security relationship.”

It added, “They reaffirmed commitment to strengthen cooperation across a range of shared interests, including in combating terrorism, countering malign influence, enhancing maritime and border security, and promoting peace, stability, security, and prosperity in the Eastern Mediterranean region.”


  1. TNH….. the propaganda arm of Greek American Secret society representatives continue to insult every Greek by again featuring the most corrupt congressman in America, the .honorary Ahepan , Senator Robert Menendez who with the leadership of the Ahepa Masons and Endy Zemenidis of Halc are simply a networking scam of Aristocrats promoting each other and corrupt politicians to advance their personal interests and importance, not Greek interests or Values.

    To this end, by endorsing and promoting Menendez to the Greek Community, Endy and TNH, have used their positions, to deceive the Greek Community to support the election of Menendez , whose congressional” legislative record” reveals has never done anything for Greece or Cyprus, but plenty for Israel, Jewish lobbies, and the illusion of importance for Endy and the Greek Secret Societies of TNH

    In voting for Menendez, the Greek community was electing the most funded Congressmen in America by = Jewish lobbies receiving up to one million dollars to exclusively represent the interest of the State of Israel , not America or Greece!

    Menendez, as Foreign Relations chairman, voted to provide Turkey with Billions of advanced lethal weapons to occupy Northern Cyprus, 5 billion dollars in lethal weaponry to Israel and Saudi Arabia used in committing war crimes in Palestine, Syria, and Yemen, and co sponsored resolutions to impose economic sanctions on Russia…for annexing Crimea…but not Turkey!

  2. Sometime? Vote for me a dozen more times, you foolish Greeks! Cyprus is a pseudo independent nation, EU member yet treaded like the enemy in the U.S, and UK. To be dominated divided and under foreign control…Weapons can and should be boughy on the open market, Russian, Chinese, European, Greek Transfers of extra stock.. Why should Cyprus be demilitarized and the rest of the world has armies weapons, nuclear etc. Boot the Turks, Brits, U.N. be truly free..

    1. Pavlo… what you and I have stated in our posts about Menendez , TNH, Endy Zemenidis, and the Greek Secret society of Masons {Alias Ahepa and HALC ), are considered Anti-Greece and Anti-Semitic ( but not Anti-Israel) by these Mason organizations who worship Corrupt Aristocratic Politicians, and in Israel, where Netanyahue is being indicted for the same corruption actions by Ahepan Mason Menendez!

      These Greek Secret Societies promoted by TNH are ideologically demented Aricstocratic Supremacist who pledge their allegiance to “The Glory of America and Israel”, not Greece or Cyprus!

      They are no different than the supporters of Adolph Hitler and Nazi Germany in 1935… who considered the questioning and opposition of their ‘ exceptional’ unethical conduct an act of treason!

      Menendez the” Smoking Gun “to what they really represent and fool the Greek Community to vote for him… which is simply the interests of corrupt Aristocratic supremacist extremist from the United States and Israel.with a Global Agenda to advance their interests thru out the world!

      When Ahepan Menendez went to Greece demanding that she join America in breaking all international laws of the U.N to support economic and military warfare against the people of Venezuela to starve them to remove their elected president and replace him with one selected by Menendez…they were Mason interests!

      UN investigators call these actions “Crimes against Humanity” !

      They call this…

  3. To finish my last post .. the UN. lead investigators of the situation in Venezuela report …not published by TNH ..conclusions!…

    .“When you deliberately impose sanctions and social blockades – effectively an economic war that asphyxiates a country economy and make it difficult for that country to provide food and medical supplies, the consequence is that thousands die – you have a case of crimes against humanity.”
    “I would also like to see the prosecutor of the International Court investigate to what extent the number of deaths related to the sanctions imposed by the US – amount to a violation of article 7
    of the Statute of Rome – it defines crimes against humanity.”

    Pavlo… you can add,,,when you embargo a Sovereign nation like Cyprus, and recognized as such by the United Nations and EU from the right to bear arms to defend their citizens and sovereignty…you become a collaborator to Fascism manifested by supporting the invasion of a foreign country by.Turkey ..
    which ethnically and religiously cleansed Greek citizens of Cyprus from their homes!

    Therefore, Menendez a member of the Ahepa Masons…could be prosecuted for Crimes against humanity and interfering in the political affairs of not only Venezuela but Greece, you can easily conclude, that any lifting of an embargo…is only in the interest of U.S.and Israel…to punish Turkey for buying Russian Arms and no longer cooperating with U.S. and Israeli crimes in Syria!

    Throw them out as well….

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