Analysis: Patriarch Bartholomew Has No Margin for Error in America

His All Holiness Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew. (AP Photo/Lefteris Pitarakis, File)

There is not any doubt that the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese has entered the post-Demetrios era and that we, clergy and laity, should be looking to the future, principally among us, Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew because of his high official position and responsibility.

It would be felonious to allow more parishes to deteriorate, for the School of Theology to be completely destroyed, for activity at the St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox National Shrine at Ground Zero to continue to be at the zero …

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  1. Well, there you have it from Kalmoukos himself:

    “ We took as much as we could for as long as we could”
    Thank you for your patronage.

  2. While Kalmoukos analysis is valid, it is still surprising that he has faith in the one person who started this spiral, our beloved EP. His vindictive dismissal of Iakovos, and disregard for the laity brought us to where we are. He forgets that there is no Byzantine Emperor his salvage the mess he created.

    1. The author is a shill for the EP and always has been. One purpose: Keep it Greek and keep it run by EP.

      This time, however, “ all the King’s horses and all the Kings’s men, couldn’t put Humpty together again.”

    2. The EP has made a mess in Turkey and is now making messes in the United States and Ukraine. The EP has shown himself to be a friend only to schismatic and not the canonical Churches. He should be deposed and degraded and left to sit in the dark until he follows his mentor, Meletios Metaxas, of thrice cursed memory, into eternity.

  3. Whatever he does will either not be enough or the death knell. He will undoubtedly appoint a yes man as the new archbishop. And given that there is no way he will not do that he will not change the structure of the archdiocese because he controls the metropolitans, which is why he changed the structure and the laity fell for it.

  4. It seems like all our Greek-American people who pay attention, not the sheeple, know Black Bart’s evil game. May God call him to his “reward” soon do that our Holy Church may be saved from this evil corrupt man.

  5. Patriarch Bartholomew has been one complete and tragic failure since his election to the so called “throne!” For Orthodoxy as a whole, and especially for us here in the U.S.. He has been one total and huge disappointment. Shame on him!

  6. HAH’s long service (28 years) and his impressive array of consequential reforms undoubtedly make him one of the greatest patriarchs of all time. I am sure the Patriarch will do the right thing for America and choose a worthy Archbishop.
    While I will not dwell on his extensive and historic accomplishments here, it is worth noting as a historical fact that He has the longest tenure since Patriarch Sergius (610-638 AD). By the end of this year, He will surpass him. And in 2 years – God willing – he will surpass the longest ever serving Patriarch Titus (242-272 AD).
    Εις πολλά έτη Δέσποτα.

    1. Patriarch bartholomew has unleashed
      Chaos in Ukraine and throughout
      The orthodox world. In Ukraine he
      Has aligned himself with schismatics
      Who persecute the canonical
      Church of Ukraine.
      He has violated canon law and
      orthodox ecclesiology with his
      Papal like arrogance blatantly tearing
      Up the Ukrainian church.

      He has further created division on
      Mount athos by forcing several
      Abbots to attend the sacrilegious
      Enthronement of the fake bishop

      He has sought to create division
      Between the Greek and Slavic
      Churches by falsely attributing
      Anti Hellenism to the Russian
      Church. Greek bishops and theologians
      In greece and Cyprus as well as
      The patriarchs of Alexandria and
      Jerusalem have not fallen for this
      And support the right church
      Of metropolitan onuphry in Ukraine.
      Only the Greeks under the phanar
      Are going alone with these destructive
      Read the letters that patriarch John
      Of Antioch and archbishop anastasios
      Of Albania have sent to the phanar
      Asking for the convening of a council
      And then the arrogant responses of
      The phanar.

      It gives me no pleasure to criticize
      The ecumenical patriarch but his
      Actions are destructive and his refusal
      To convene a council makes a
      Mockery of the conciliar tradition.

      Also please take note of his blessing
      The Turkish army in 2018 as Ankara
      Invaded Kurdish Syria.

    2. One Greek Opinion.
      I am familiar with all your arguments. As HAH properly answered Archbishop Anastasios it is undoubtedly within his canonical rights to take action in Ukraine, and he did.
      I prefer to look at his entire record of accomplishments over 28 years and reach the only conclusion possible to reach. I am aware that some people do not like all the decisions he took. And some are stuck on one issue only. I understand their frustration and pray that they keep an open mind in judgement.

  7. To dimopohg

    Patriarch bartholomew had no business
    In Ukraine. He has no such authority.
    The Orthodox Church is conciliar, not
    Monarchical as is the Roman Catholic

    This is not a single issue. It is a huge crisis
    That the phanar and its spokespeople have
    Created with their arrogant claims. Did you
    Read what patriarch bartholomew told
    His exarchs before his invasion of
    Ukraine? He sounded like an eastern
    Pope that transcends the only true
    Authority in orthodoxy which is an
    Ecumenical council.
    Please consider what all orthodox
    Churches outside the phanar think of
    This mess. Not one church, not one
    Recognizes the fake church that the
    Phanar created in Ukraine.

    To conclude that patriarch bartholomew is
    Right and all the other churches are wrong
    Is to suggest that the patriarchate is an
    Eastern papacy and this is a betrayal of
    Orthodoxy and the conciliar tradition.

    The church of Constantinople has had its
    Most glorious moments when patriarchs
    Adhered to orthodox teaching. It has fared
    Less well when it’s patriarchs succumbed to
    Heresy (nestorianism, iconoclasm, uniatism
    In 1439). Tragically patriarch bartholomew
    Is following the path of heretics rather than
    His righteous predecessors.

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