Unacceptable Trump Attacks on Senator McCain

FILE - The American flag flies at half-staff at the Capitol in honor of Sen. John McCain of Arizona, in Washington, Monday, Aug. 27, 2018. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

Some things we cannot ignore. Otherwise, we become accomplices.

From the days of Ancient Greece until now the memory of the dead is treated with the greatest possible respect and reverence.

Even if the deceased was unjust, even if he had committed some evil, he remained unassailable.

Political figures were left to the judgement of history.

This philosophy holds true to this day. Criticism of the dead is seen as an improper, even an unethical act, since the dead man cannot defend himself.

When someone …

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  1. McCain wrote “Happy Easter” on Kosovo Bombs.
    Nicole got Pataki to oppose Kosovo bombing.

  2. let”s see ,, if Trumps says he is no fan of Adolph Hitler, because of the policies of a sociopathic white supremacist murderer, who murdered millions of people in foreign countries in order to let them enjoy the exceptional culture of Germany, can we expect Diamataris to defend Alolph ..the dead!

    However, only Anglo white supremacist racist can spend their time attacking someone who is not fan of one of the establishment elitist and deep state leaders , John McCain …who embodies everything that Adolph Hitler was idolized for his perpetual wars against Vietnam , Yugoslavia, libya, Iraq, Syria, Yemen etc etc.

    McCain ..who supported global white supremacist democrat Hillary Clinton in presenting a fraudulent British dossier on Donald Trump to remove him from office.is a legitimate war criminal and traitor to not only America ,but the victims of his madness to control the sovereignty of the world!

    It is no surprise to see Diamataris defending McCain on behalf of his Greek Mason brothers since, they also endorsed another war criminal and corrupt senator named Robert Menendez another acknowledged war criminal and convicted Felon by the Congress.

    Like McCain , Menendez is a war criminal for his support of dictarors and in arming terrorist rebel organizations to murder the leaders of the Middle East and Europe .. …and in now asking Greece to break international laws to join the U.S in overthrowing the government of Venezuela!

    Diamataris you don’t fool us!

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