US Ambassador Again Says Greece Key EU Energy Link

US Ambassador to Greece Geoffrey Pyatt.(Photo by Eurokinissi/Giannis Panagopoulos)

ATHENS – Repeating his mantra, US Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt said Greece – whom he called a “pillar of stability” in the region – is also a hub for pipelines and plans to bring energy to the European Union.

In a written message to the 1st International Conference: REH 2019 – Cyprus-Greece-Israel: Research and Exploitation of Hydrocarbons in the northern Greek town of Kozani, Pyatt said that the development of hydrocarbon reserves in the Eastern Mediterranean brings together Greece, Cyprus, the US and Israel.

He noted as well the breakthrough by the US company ExxonMobil in finding a big gas reserve off Cyprus, where Turkey has been trying to keep foreign businesses from drilling in the island’s Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ.)

He had said the same in an interview with the state-run Athens News Agency (ANA-MPA) earlier in March, that, “Exxon will now contact additional drilling to prove the initial findings from the test ground, then they have to make the decision whether they are going to invest billions of dollars that will be required for commercial exploitation and they have to decide how the will bring the gas to the markets, so there is a long process that lies ahead.

“In the meanwhile, we are going to continue to work here in Greece on all our energy partnerships on Revythousa, IGB, FRSU on Exxon’s offshore exploration with ELPE in southern Crete and the big message is the one I shared in the conference that Greece has clearly emerged as a key European hub for energy diversification and that’s something the US (…) supports.”


  1. Pyatt.. the designated C.I.A operative ..who makes a living making the enemies of the United States …the enemies of the world, which are profiled as any country representing a threat to the economic, political , and military control of the US. neocon fascist!

    Of course, he supports Greece to play a part in his WAR on Russia and the Orthodox community ..which is to force European countries who now buy their oil from Russia … to buy them from America or licensed Exxon Oil !

    All designed to make Greece part of this war on Russia., to weaken her economically! They also are at war with China, because of China’s economic competition in Europe!

    They have already demanded that Greece, and the rest of the Nato Vassal states stop buying oil and gas from Russia, Iran, Venezuela ..and or face economic warfare of retribution.

    Only Mobsters can blatantly violate international laws and use blackmail as a tool of trade!

    Additional this is just another part of the Greater Israel Project which has failed in Syria run a pipe line from the Golan Heights which is illegally occupied territory by Israel and under U.N resolutions to surrender these lands to Syria! Now you know why Israel with the U.S ..has an interest in removing the leader of Syria!

    Now you know why the leader of Venezuela must go ..because he watched Exxon Mobil deplete the profits from the people of Venezuela, and decided to keep those profits by Nationalizing it!

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