With Elections Nearing, Time for Greek Citizens to Stop Passing the Buck

FILE - Alexis Tsipras, Kyriakos Mitsotakis at the Prime Minister's Question Time in the Greek parliament, Friday, Nov. 3, 2017. Photo: Eurokinissi/Yorgos Kontarinis

For years now, the Greek political scene has been monopolized by political mediocrities, who overbearingly rule over the nation thanks largely to their impertinence and lack of scruples, reaffirming Thucydides’ words of wisdom that describe political life – particularly during periods of dissention and crisis: “men of lesser judgement usually win out.” (3.83.3). According to the timeless historian, in most instances, people of lesser wits prevail in the public arena because the have no qualms about following through with acts …

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  1. As a Dual Citizen I do VOTE in Greek Elections, And must say Greeks don’t deserve to vote, they are uneducated on what matters to greece and only vote out of selfishness and political and party doctrine. Of course they vote for who will hire more civil servants, who will give civil servants a raise, etc etc. Hard choices hard decisions have to be made, after 10 yrs of death of hope, a future or anything that will help, greeks need to change completely, Leaders need to lead, many will be mad angry protest, which they do now, and did 10yrs ago as well..The Economy is the key it must grow, there has to be JOBS, INCOME, TAXES-(PAID) Then taxes used wisely, not on projects or plans that are for getting votes. Everything in greece needs change, but sadly there are no real Greek Leaders, only the same, Fathers and now their Kids that messed up greece want to lead..Use an Airport money goes to Germany, use a Train money goes to Italy, use a Port money goes to China, Pay your taxes, money goes to pay debt..GREECE As usual gets nothing, because its lead by nothing parties.

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