The Faculty of the Theological School Alerts the Archbishop about Losing Accreditation

From the 76th Commencement ceremony of Hellenic College and Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology. (Photo by TNH/ Theodore Kalmoukos)

BOSTON – The faculty of the Holy Cross School of Theology wrote a letter dated March 8, 2019 addressed to Archbishop Demetrios of America and to the chairman of the Board of Trustees in which it expressed its great concern regarding three ‘notations’ imposed on the School by The Board of Commissioners of the Association of Theological Schools Commission on Accrediting.

The professors wrote to the Archbishop “these three notations is of great concern to the faculty of Holy Cross.”

They are …

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  1. Forget losing accredidation. They’ve lost their soul. It’s a rotted tree from the trunk to the branches and must be bulldozed by the few remaining uncorrupted Righteous. (This means NOT the Archbishop or any of the NYC GOA, the Faculty or Administrators, the Metros, the Archmandrites, Leaderless 100, ArchonFools, and the Archdiocesan Council of Nobodies and their officers).

    1. But then, we’ll lose our only source of ‘Orthodox’ priests who are well-versed in Protestantism and need cue cards on the Altar table to get through the Liturgy of St John the Chrysostom. What will we do?!

  2. Well, is accreditation by the Board of Commissioners of the Association of Theological Schools Commission on Accrediting really necessary? After all, we are a church, not a public-regulated institution.

    Oh, I know I might receive the usual mixture of angry responses by those who have turned against the Orthodox Church. But it seems that there is little that can really please them these days.

    But, again, just how critical is it for Holy Cross to receive accreditation from a non-Orthodox group?

    1. I totally agree with your thought.
      As one who is very angry about the mess we’re in, I see no ‘leaders’ (clergy or laity) with any capacity to fix what they have ruined over the last 50 yrs. They won’t even recognize their responsibility for it. Ola kala.

  3. Whats sad is we have a 90 year old leader who can’t possibly handle this mess that has been created under his leadership, or lack their of. We need a younger, more vibrant leader to hold this Archdiocese together who can bring energy to the church once more. None of our current metropolitans have the respect from the parishoners to achieve this task so we are in deep trouble because the Archbishop continues to sweep everything under the rug and pretend everything is perfect.

    1. A younger more vibrant leader is not going to change anything. The Greek Orthodox church is only focused on material wealth and those who have it – instead of focusing on the power of redemption and the love of Jesus Christ. It’s impossible to serve two masters, God and money. (Matthew 6:24)
      How is it, we were able to do so much forty years ago when the faithful (our parents and grandparents) were only dropping quarters and dimes in the trays?

  4. The school is an abject failure. It needs to close. We need to acknowledge that the vast majority of young clergymen coming out of this failed institution are all adherence to the Ephraimite theology. Our leaders are failing us!

  5. It’s all happening according to an extremely Byzantine plan to close the US seminary so that Greek seminaries can send us their Greek priests into our US parishes—priests and families who would otherwise be unemployed in a failed Greece.

    This is more sinister than just “poor leadership”. This is a jobs program for Greece. The Greek Foreign Ministry and EP benefit by keeping things really “Greek”—and if the half-breeds and converts leave— then all the better. They will finally get the type of model parish they drool over having, which you know so well—Greek flag inside and out, forget Old Glory, 100% Greek Liturgies, elaborate schemes to keep our children from marrying non- Greeks, creation of amateur grass roots efforts to always demonstrate for Cyprus or Greek issues as directed by the Greek Foreign Ministry and Greece’s intelligence service through the hierarchs of the church who are their agents in place.

    One last thing: when Stavroula wants to go to the prom with either Carlos or Sinjay or Brandon, the entire team is thus aligned to order her to Greece for the summer to “get her straight in the head”. Mostly likely, her brother Niko will accompany her as long as he can take his iPod, two cells phones, and go out all night.

    1. Spiro–I do not think that in America these days we can force our Stavroulas and Nikos to do anything they do not want to do.

      Are there really a significant number of priests in Greece who want to move to the US? What evidence do you have for this?

      Indeed, I thought that there was already a priest shortage here in America, so wouldn’t there be room for interested priests from Greece to come to parishes in the US right now, even with Holy Cross still in operation?

      I myself hope for us to be less Greek and more Orthodox in our parishes, but your inflammatory comment given without documentation is not constructive.

    2. Sak,

      Here’s the evidence:

      1. High unemployment in Greece. Worst economy in Europe.
      2. Communist Tsipras jettisoning the clergy from State payrolls.
      3. Greeks not used to supporting the salaries of clergy, thus Greek clergy knows they will starve if they don’t get employed.
      4. Heaven on Earth in USA, and Presbytera can get a job too.
      5. HCHC implodes, purposely, most likely.
      6. Churches here left in the lurch.
      7. Voila ! Enter Father Tasso, Father Pantelis, Father Chrysotomos from Thessaloniki.
      8. They and others go back to the era of “ you kannot maree thees woooman bekoos seee ees noot Griiik!”, an era that existed even until the 1960s and we all remember so well and an era that drove half the guys we grew up with away.

      It’s irresponsible of you to lull the unsuspecting pay pray and obey suckers who have been lied to for so long and who are comatose, into more complacency. Stop all your kind platitudes and wake up to the harsh realities of the sinister and criminal drama that has unfolded here in the GOA over the last 40 years.

      Where’ve you been these last 18 months, taking a nap?

    3. Spiro, I have not been taking a nap. Note that I began by pointing out that we cannot force our Stavroulas and Nikos to do anything. A priest coming from Greece now will not be able to change that with any oppression. Wherever they live, Greeks do not like oppression.

      And hopefully Greeks in Greece will not want their Orthodox Church oppressed there. Hopefully the dreams of the Commie Tsipras can be defeated.

      Any priests and presbyteras who do want to come here from Greece will quickly learn, however, that these days most US parishes will expect them to speak good English.

      Got to run so I won’t be late to church.

  6. ACCREDITATION IS NECESSARY!!!! The issue is not accreditation. The issue is that the school has never been run by experienced higher education administrators except for the tenure of Drt. Thomas Lelon, and he was fought every step of the way by faculty and clergy, even while growing the school, which alarmed many who preferred to think of themselves as big fish in a small pond.
    The GOA archbishop should not automatically be the chair of the board of trustees. The trustees should not be a bunch of sycophants the archbishop can depend on to puff up his ego. And the faculty, despite their erudite expression of concern, need to be held responsible in ways only experienced higher education administrators know about.
    As one astute Greek American once observed: what do you want, another Brandeis University? That expression is an example of stupidity that can’t be fixed.
    There is nothing wrong with having an accredited college and school of theology in service to the Orthodox (not just Greek) in this country. Many faith groups have such institutions of higher learning. Even the Mennonites have a college! When was the last time you bumped into a Mennonite?
    And how does the present administration deal with the financial issue? Why it obtains a one million dollar donation to build an abomination of a bell tower next to the chapel.
    This situation at HCHC is far more serious than the St. Nicholas debacle. That’s embarrassing. This is no HC no archdiocese. Lord have mercy!

    1. No archdiocese, yes, that’s the goal. The archdiocese is the diseased host that has poisoned every well. You can train and chose priests using other, modern means.

    2. The theology professors serve two masters. They pretend to serve Orthodox Christianity. But their real master is American Academia, where they can get jobs as “experts” when they fall out with their bishops. It’s all about the gig, IOTA and PO is their union card.

  7. @ Spiro
    You are correct!
    We are experiencing the Byzantine “two step” – take two giant forty to fifty year steps backwards in time to move a half step forward. It all comes back to obedience!! That is the only way it works!!!
    Greek Orthodox in America have become so complacent – that no amount of evidence in going to change the “rut” the church finds itself in. So many stories of corruption, deceit, and behavior unbecoming by our clergy and lay leaders has come to light over the last eight years – and still people are napping. Greeks have a hard time accepting certain truths. Most remain in church out of obligation.
    Lord have mercy!

  8. Regarding professors who can get jobs as experts when they fall out of favor with their bishops. Not true. the professors at HCHC stay as long as they can. The concern about the theology faculty should be whether they are, in fact, Orthodox in their teaching. There is very little movement, actually none among the theology faculty. The bishops have nothing to do with the faculty, as they have nothing to do with the school, since they wouldn’t benefit financially. As for the idea of priests coming from Greece as part of a grand scheme by the Patriarch and other Greeks, also not true. The Patriarch is absent from this for the most part for the same reason the Archbishop is absent from reality: they are both bumbling fools. What is true is that there are those, including most of the hierarchs, who don’t want the “Greekiness” to go away because that is the filter through which they see the faith. A few priests do come over but not that many, and that has been going on for years. Once upon a time quite a few HCHC students came from Greece but that is rare nowadays. And, as for choosing and training priest in “modern ways”, whatever that means, that also is a no go. You have to have a synod of bishops for continuity of the faith. That is an absolute and those who think otherwise have no understanding of Orthodox ecclesiology. Now, a clean sweep of all the hierarchs would accomplish a lot. But that’s not going to happen. The laity needs to lead a charge but will that happen?

    1. Do you work there or have some other role? You seem to argue for the status quo which is a death sentence. Modern means of priest development could mean degrees from other institutions for maturity purposes and customized non-degree home schooling curriculum. Did Chrysostom, Gregory, Basil have a HCHC degree?
      HCHC is in such a deficit now, it’s de facto a rogue institution, that’s okay if it’s a GOOD rogue institution.

      Re: Bishops and need synod? They’re the ones who have screwed the pooch on all of this for decades, particularly the most senior bishop and liar in chief. You need none of those losers to be authentic and good.

      And you want the Laity to lead the change and also pay the bills? Fix your own mess, pal, and then come to me for checks. You can’t have it both ways, hiding behind a collar, collecting a salary, and wanting us to do your dirty work. It’s your house, I’m not your maid.

    2. Chrysostom, Gregory, Basil went to the same university as our Archbishop: Athens. Tmeproarily closed for a few centuries by that force of Arabating darkness, Justinian

  9. Spiro, I’m not ordained. I don’t work at HCHC. I have not been in the GOA for several decades. But, yes, I do have intimate knowledge of the school and its workings. Most of the students in theology already come there with undergraduate degrees obtained at other institutions and this has been the case for some time now. Many come with families. Arguing for the status quo? Are you serious? Yes, the hierarchs have messed up. But the faith is the faith. The saints you refer to lived in an environment that was suffused with a very different understanding of the faith than most have today. You cannot have an Orthodox church without a bishop or bishops. Anyone who believes that should just go down the street to the nearest Unitarian or Evangelical group. And who would develop such a customized home schooling curriculum? Remember, we do agree the system is broken so from where would this type of education suddenly appear? Who said anything about the laity paying the bills? Quite the opposite. The laity leading the charge means the laity has to begin challenging the hierarchs in a direct, public, way. And, don’t give money. They will understand that. You should not give up hope that there are bishops, and those who would make good bishops, who would be able to restore confidence and archpastoral integrity to the church. But the faith will always remain.

    1. Sak, if you are not in the GOA, as you say, for decades then you have no skin in the game and your opinions are hollow.

  10. Hay Spiro,

    Dont worry I am sure the Boston A.G. knows all about the Clown College and all the missing money.
    It came from the same people who brought the active investigation on Saint Nick.

    The endless lies of the Manhattan Taliban and their Collaborators like Leaderless 100, Faithless and the Archons of Nothing are coming to a end.

    Ephesians 5:11 “Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead expose them.”




  12. Breaking news today. The Archbishop asked Fr. Metropulos to resign. He did resign today. Also, the Massachusetts Dept of Education has indicated to the school that it will in fact lose accreditation. Apparently the former chief financial officer gave incorrect financial information to the department (it is thought this was done purposely) and when the state requested more information the CFO did not respond. So he got fired a few weeks ago and now the president is gone. Who knows what will happen tomorrow…..

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