Analysis: “Scenes of Infinite Beauty” at the Leadership 100 Conference and the Drama of the School of Theology

(L to R) Chairman Emeritus John Payiavlas, Archbishop Demetrios and Chairman Argyris Vassiliou (far right) present George Veras with Award of Excellence. L100/D. Panagos

Those spellbinding and fascinating “scenes of infinite beauty” that were presented at the recent Leadership 100 Conference in Florida as revealed by The National Herald belong in the category of tragicomic theater – or perhaps, children’s stories.

The protagonists were George Tsandikos, Vice Chairman of the Archdiocesan Council and former Chairman of Leadership 100, and businessman John Payiavlas, a member of the Archdiocesan Council and also Chairman Emeritus of Leadership 100.

Their behavior was completely unbecoming …

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  1. Well, where to begin? First it needs to be made clear that there is no comparison between the leadership of Fr. Nicholas Triantafilou and Fr. Christopher Metropulos. Fr. Nick served honorably for many years and did much good. He raised millions of dollars which were used for keeping the school going. And he kept the peace. Unfortunately he was incapacitated to a great extent the last two years of his tenure. But he was, and is, loved and respected for his character and priesthood more than just about any priest in the Archdiocese.

    Holy Cross, and then Hellenic College Holy Cross, has never been supported in the manner it could have been and should have been right from the very start in 1937. The socio-economic status of the Greek American community was and is such that the school should be debt free and have an endowment of somewhere between 250 and 500 million dollars. The largest the endowment ever got was 25 million. Brandeis University was founded in 1947, ten years after Holy Cross. That should tell you something. Another revealing statement was made, I was told, by a visitor to the school some years ago who wondered if the school wanted to become another Brandeis. There’s stupid and then there’s stupid you can’t fix. When you aim low you usually end up lower than expected.

    Continued below…..

    1. Oh Rep1908: your tiresome whining comparison to the Jewish community… an excuse….how about this fact, Brandeis is a real university and not a Clown Show like HCHC. How about this fact: you know what else happened in 1947? Israel was founded. Compare today’s Israel and Brandeis to today’s Greece and HCHC. The Jews earned their success, the Greeks did not. Tell the truth. Excellence begets success. BS, lies, cheating and corruption begets modern Greece and the joke seminary,

  2. The by-laws should be changed so that the archbishop is not automatically the chair of the trustees. The board of trustees should be comprised of a fair amount of Orthodox Christians who are not beholding in some way or another to the archdiocese. The board needs to be much more independent than it presently is. The president and deans should be experienced academics who have served in administrative positions in other institutions of higher learning. The hierarchs think they know what it takes to make the school successful when in fact none of them do. There should be tighter reins on the faculty. Each faculty member should teach 3 courses each semester and be required to spend a certain amount of time on campus. Each non-academic department should be reviewed for waste and excessive personnel.

    God only knows if this type of change is possible, not to say acceptable to the powers that be. Mr. Kalmoukos is certainly correct when he says the school is much more important than the St. Nicholas fiasco. No St. Nicholas equals a lot of embarrassment and shame. No Holy Cross means no archdiocese.

    1. Rep1908: here again, you like to hear yourself pontificate. Charter and governance changes can’t fix this corrupt mess. That would have helped in 1975, not now. This is such a train wreck, it has to be liquidated immediately. We can train priest candidates another way. This is 2019 and world of super computing, artificial intelligence, robotics, drones, Google, Amazon, and daily space travel. It’s not 1908 and gas lights. We can figure out another way, maybe the real brains at Brandeis can help us !

    2. Oh, if you can get a Stanford MBA on-line, you sure should be able to cheese out a degree at HCHC on-line. You don’t need the decrepit institution and crumbling facility. Once they complete their on-line degrees, send them to a barracks like Priest Boot Camp. If you can make Marines at boot camps, you sure as heck can make your basic parish priest.

  3. Once again ZERO transparency! Really….. you ask those with information …..”to go speak to the woman privately, outside of the room. Kircos abided. It is believed that the issue is in the hands of the Attorney General as The National Herald had revealed.”
    Why can’t they just tell us the truth………..they are grossly incompetent! Ill-suited to lead an organization of “clowns”, let alone a National Church. Instead of telling everyone that it is in the hands of the Attorney General just be honest. The Attorney General does not prosecute those who are merely stupid, only when laws are violated. Pretending that the past Executive Director violated the law is just another way to buy time and cloud a simple issue, we are lead by clowns. Here I include those who act as enablers and facilitators, our Lay leaders. Thank you for helping cripple and ultimately destroy our Church. It is just too bad your egos place self importance and cult type worship above duty and loyalty to our Church or our Savior.

    1. Let me take it another step Basil. God is nowhere near this deal. The Devil is. It’s not mismanagement and bad luck and poor personnel, it’s a criminal enterprise with a host of co-conspirators over the last 50 years. Time has come to end it.

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