Letter to the Editor: On Turkey and Dictators

(Presidential Press Service, Pool Photo via AP)

To the Editor:

I am writing about the article, Crime & Punishment in Turkey. That moron Turkish president, persecution, arrests, imprisonment, and torture. He thinks these people had something to do with the July 2016 coup. And leaders go visit them and in spite of what he is doing.

The day will come when he and other dictators will pay the price. He and all the other dictators belong in the garbage barrel where all garbage belongs.

I rest my case.

Andy Lampros

Danvers, MA


  1. Yes, lets hope that all the dictators are arrested for persecution , arrests, imprisonment, and torture…and lets add crimes against peace and humanity..and war crimes!

    So Andy…you left out the dictators like …The leaders of the United States , Saudi Arabia, England, Israel, Qatar, UAE and Turkey who have committed all the crimes you have highlighted and much more in Iraq, libya, Syria , Yugoslavia, Yemen, Somalia who continue to arm Edrogan with the most lethal weapons in the world!

    While, Edrogan is a dictator of his country., Trump is the dictator of the world and International police state.!

    Trump ,the reluctant dictator is lying again to break international laws and persecute the people of Venezuela for not surrendering their elected leader, and is indicted by the human rights commissioner report on the situation in Venezuela.as stated…..

    “When you deliberately impose sanctions and social blockades – effectively an economic war that asphyxiates a country economy and make it difficult for that country to provide food and medical supplies, the consequence is that thousands die – you have a case of crimes against humanity.”

    “I would also like to see the prosecutor of the International Court investigate to what extent the number of deaths related to the sanctions imposed by the US – amount to a violation of article 7
    of the Statute of Rome – it defines crimes against humanity.”

    Andy, shame on us ..for allowing our country to commit fascism!

  2. Andy, if you think the fascist dictatorship of the U.S and now Police State owners of the world ..will support your noble demands to prosecute these thugs and dictators, then remain silent to the leader of Tyrants …Defense Nazi leader…MIke Pompeio and Hitler look a like, John Bolton to any Criminal court investigations of U.S crimes against humanity..which would stop all the perpetual wars against the world bythis disgusting government has been doing in our name and with our money!

    The international court prosecutor’s office says it has “reasonable basis” to believe that “war crimes and crimes against humanity” were, and continue to be, committed by U.S government forces in Afghanistan and abroad in other countries! Israel, run by the now indicted Netanyahue is also being probed for war crimes against humanity!

    Pompeio openly stated that the members of the International Criminal Court.would be subject to the revoking of their Visas, and personal economic sanctions by the U.S! The actions were intended to get the court to drop the potential investigation, and that Washington was ready to further increase the pressure if they don’t do as he says.

    “We are prepared to take additional steps, including economic sanctions, if the ICC does not change course,” he said.

    However, I hope they probe the accessories to these war crimes..Mr. Diamantaris and the western media..who have promoted these war crimes thru false Narratives and concealing these crimes!

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